Curl Clumping Strategies

Every single time I get my hair wet my goal is the same: make curl clumps. It’s the method to create them that changes day to day.

You may have heard me say that In the curly hair world hydration is everything. Hair that is soaking wet tend to come together in chunkier pieces, which is why I love clumps.

I start forming them right from the beginning of my shower. regardless if I am washing, co-washing or wet refreshing.

Forming curl clumps is like setting my finger on the pulse of my curls.

I can gauge the hydration level, build-up and lightness of my hair while also getting my hands on each strand and testing hand feel while I form them.

I make decisions based on what I am seeing and feeling while doing so.

If they are more heavy and tacky, I may cleanse or co-wash. If I feel more coarseness and dryness, I’ll work with conditioner.

Lots of people get stuck on curl clumping and here’s why.

While clumping is the vibe, comparing your hair to me or anyone else in this world is totally not.

I need you to trust the idea that even if we all ate, exercised and slept the same, our bodies would look different.

Our curls work exactly the same!

Even if we all washed, cleansed and conditioned the same. If we styled the same, use the same products, lived in the same places, our hair is not the same.

This is what makes life truly beautiful.

As you are navigating this journey, discovering your hair truth, do not forget that your hair is not mine. Your clumps are not mine.

Your role is to play with and stay curious about what clumps mean to you and compare yourself only to you.

  • What is the clumpiest your hair has ever been?
  • What did they feel like? What did they look like?
  • What decisions did you make base on that feeling?
  • How did your hair look that day? The next day? etc…

Keep track of your play. Write down what you did. Take pictures of your results.

Notice what’s working!

You may find that your hair is more dense or coily. That your hair forms smaller and curlier clumps than mine does. They’re not wrong, their perfect. Make note of them.

As you stay curious, you’ll notice you can create clumps of all shapes and sizes, and if your conscious you’ll learn what you like best.

You’ll learn what works best. You’ll fall into rhythm.

Know in your heart that there is no right or wrong, only learning and growing. The only failure you have is when you get stuck and try nothing.

One strategy will never work for us all. Wherever your at, whatever your clumps, they are perfect until you find what works better.


Do what feels good. Period.

I love you.

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