Fall In Love With Your Curls – Module 6.1

Module 6.1 – Styling Live Demo

It’s time to have some fun! Welcome to module six!

This is where we bring it all together.

Now that we’ve figured out the hydration piece of the equation we get to start wildly experimenting with the styles we can create with fun products and, of course, what we do with our own two hands.

The products and strategies that we talk about in this module will give you free reign to get creative and play around with hundreds of strategy combinations to create totally different results and find what feels good and works for you.

Then, over the next two weeks I’ll show you some live demonstrations and give you tons of ideas for how to start experimenting yourself, and figure out the combinations fit into your experience.

Don’t forget to invite a little bit of play into your life while you experiment with these ideas and know that it’s less about having a set set of steps that you do and more about looking at what is in front of you and trusting you know how to give your hair what it needs, today.

Lets get crackin’!

Xoxo – Lo

Remember that you are looking for your hair to take on hydration easily with this choice. For most hair types, the perfectly smooth curl clumps wont come until after you condition.

And really work through that conditioner.

Sometimes letting it sit for up to 30 minutes can help too! And then adding a short blast of water and working it through again.

On days when your hair still feels coarse, you can rinse out the conditioner, and do it all over again.

Ultimately you want to leave all of your conditioner in your hair.

Please don’t worry about your hair feeling greasy, or weighed down. Since we are using WATER as our main product, this is unlikely to occur.

ESPECIALLY once your scalp gets used to the new routine and stop overproducing sebum (the skins natural oil).

Throughout the conditioning step, you will be relying on two methods of styling strategies to create perfectly smooth curl clumps.


The Goal Is To Encourage Your Hair Shaft TO Accept Hydration!

If you stop thinking about creating curls, and start thinking about getting hydration in, the curls will come naturally!. – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – .


The Goal Is TO Trap Hydration Inside Of The Hair Shaft!

If you stop thinking of it as smoothing frizz, and start thinking about locking in hydration, the smoothness with come naturally!

This week there was a bonus video. You can rewatch the LIVE using the link below.

Please keep in mind that there is no sound for the first 20ish minutes. This does not reduce the importance of the video. You can still VERY CLEARLY see what is going on as we move through the detox process.

In this training, we’re going to bring together a lot of things that you’ve already learned about curly hair in this Mastermind.

And to be perfectly honest, it is SO MUCH easier if I just show you that part, so please make sure you watch the video to see Elongating and Encouraging Strategies in action.

For this summary, I want to talk a little bit about protein overload and moisture overload.

As you start becoming more conscious of your hair and of the entire curly world that exists, you are bound to hear of protein/moisture overload, or protein/moisture balance because it’s something that’s commonly talked about.

I tend not to talk about it directly, because our methods make it a non-issue and THE FRIGGIN NAME IS WRONG.

( PLUS – we are going to talk a lot more about this in the Consciously Curly Course which comes out in January )

Here’s the deal:

When you hair is really really bad damaged, it’s like huge holes were blown in the hair shaft, and it becomes extremely difficult for the hair shaft to hold water.

Protein can be used to create temporary structure and to help support the hair shaft and hold water in.

Damage can come from literally ANYTHING. Chemical treatments, mechanical brushing, dye, heat, even using regular products incorrectly or excessively can cause damage.

The proteins that are in your products, generally speaking, are hydrolyzed proteins.

Hydrolyzed proteins are actually conditioning agents. Usually they were most likely added to the product by the manufacturer, as a conditioning agent.

They’re actually super smooth and soft to the touch and make your hair feel really smooth and glossy and help to bring that hydration into the hair shaft and trap it there.

They’re generally not the types of proteins that can structurally reinforce your hair from the inside out.

To use proteins to reinforce the physical structure of the hair, two things have to happen:

  1. It has to be a very specific form of protein, and it has to be processed in the correct ways.
  2. Heat has to be applied, such as from a hair dryer, hood dryer or heat cap.

If deep protein treatments are used without the correct follow up conditioning process, you can experience some really bad breakage.

Essentially what you are doing is BONDING proteins to the hair shaft. Creating new support joints. If these joints are not properly hydrated (think lubricating a moving engine), they become EXTREMELY BRITTLE and your hair WILL BREAK.

This is NOT necessarily an over use of protein. It is a lack of understanding, and properly hydrating the new bonds to create flexibility.

We recommend that you get these kind of deep protein treatments from a curly hair stylist.

Signs of this kind of damage are: Dry, frizzy, frayed curls and ends. Hair that can’t hold onto moisture, etc.

Point is: Don’t worry so much about the hydrolyzed proteins that are in your clean beauty products because those are actually conditioning agents and filling agents, not a support-system type protein. They won’t contribute to a protein overload, especially if you’re not using them aggressively.

The other side of this issue is what people call “moisture overload”, and if you ask me, that name is just stupid, because once again THERE IS NO OVERLOAD.

It can occur when we’re overusing regular products.

It can literally be as simple as paying attention to your wash cycle, and what we’ve been talking about during this entire Mastermind series.

The first goal of any wet refresh or shower is to get hydration into your hair shaft. The second goal is to get perfectly smooth curl clumps.

When people are talking about moisture overload, what’s actually happening is there is something on or inside the hair shaft that is preventing water from getting inside.

It’s not too much water. It’s the lack of a place for water to go!!This can be caused from build up, using products with ingredients that are designed to not wash out, cheaper products with heavy oils, etc.

What’s happening is that your hair isn’t accepting hydration. It could be because #1 you have lower porosity, #2 you have short-term build-up from your products (normal wash day cycle), #3 you have long-term build-up from your products (maybe you went on vacation and had to use different products), or #4 you’ve been using hard water instead of soft water.

These are all contributing factors that are barriers to our goal of getting water inside the hair shaft.

The solution is to move through the detox sequence that we talked about in training #3 & 4.

You can do a co-wash, you can do a gentle cleanser, you can add ascorbic acid to a co-wash or gentle cleanser, you can use a chelating shampoo or a sulfate shampoo. These are the progressive steps you can to get rid of “moisture overload”.

As you get used to what your hair looks and feels like when it accepts hydration, you’ll recognize when it’s no longer accepting hydration.

Be patient with yourself, don’t expect that you’re supposed to know what that looks like for you right now, and also know that that’s going to change over time.

As your hair becomes more accustomed to what it’s like to accept hydration, it’s going to accept more hydration, and it’s going to do it more easily… You’ll get used to what it looks like to get the hydration and curl clumps that you need in order to get the results that you want.



Watch Training #5

Play with BOTH Encouraging & Elongating Styling Strategies throughout your wash day cycle

Watch This Video: Everything Your Need To Know About Hair Damage


*Optional video (Super Nerdy – The Moisture Misconception)


There will be a zoom call this week, so watch the mastermind group for more information!

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