• Why Are Sulfates (all of a sudden) An Issue?
    It works by creating and releasing an oil called Sebum. It’s lipid-rich substance favors the growth of wide range of microbes which in turn hydrolyze triglycerides and release free fatty acids onto the skin. The released fatty acids create a protective barrier and contribute to the acidic pH of the skin, inhibiting the growth of many common pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes (which cause infection). (4) The fatty acids also gently and subtly provide the exact amount of hydration that the skin needs to flourish. When dryContinue reading “Why Are Sulfates (all of a sudden) An Issue?”
  • What is DMDM?
    The problem is that you will never see Formaldehyde listed as an ingredient in the products you use in your home. That is because there are ingredients out there that actually chemically decompose into formaldehyde in the presence of water. That means that companies can add them to a product, any product, that contains water, and it will be just like you a preserving it with formaldehyde, without having to say that they are using this highly toxic chemical. DMDM Hydantoin is one of these ingredients.Continue reading “What is DMDM?”
  • Lawsuits in the Hair Care Industry
    THIS is why good products seem expensive. It’s not that real, natural products actually cost more, it’s that these crappy, petroleum derived ones are toxic and literally irritating our immune system day in and day out. Most of these synthetic ingredients provide no real value to our products, they do nothing good but line the pockets of the companies using them. These companies are ripping us off and, trust me, we’re paying for it. Maybe not at the store when we buy these products, which isContinue reading “Lawsuits in the Hair Care Industry”
  • The Seven Different Types Of Plastic
    There are a few simple tools that we can use to our advantage on our journey to use less plastic, and one of those tools is the plastic type (read more about why using less plastic is important in THIS POST). Plastic typing is a simple classification system developed in the 1970s developed as a tool to help identify which type of plastic items were made from in an effort to easier to sort and dispose of different kinds of plastics. (1) It’s important to noteContinue reading “The Seven Different Types Of Plastic”
  • OGX Hair Loss Lawsuit
    If you currently have any of these products you  may want to consider reading THIS blog post about DMDM and then deciding for yourself if it is an ingredient that you are comfortable using in your home. Should you choose to dispose of these products the best way to do so is to wear a mask (much of the concern with DMDM Hydantoin comes from inhalation), dump the contents in the trash can and then rinse and recycle the bottle. I’ve been on the journey toContinue reading “OGX Hair Loss Lawsuit”
  • Why Not Plastic?
    I like to focus on plastic because of the opportunity. There are literally thousands of opportunities each day to use less or find ways to use what you do consume more than once before you toss it. Not only because it’s everywhere but also because there are so many ways to replace it, if that’s what your hear tis truly being called to do. After all, humans life for thousands of years without plastic and truthfully plastic didn’t become mainstream in the 1990s. It’s a newContinue reading “Why Not Plastic?”
  • My Journey to Living More Consciously
    There are a few specific moments when I was first stepping into consciousness that stand out to me. One of those times, circa 2007, my step mother let me borrow a book called “The Inconvenient Truth”, which I read in a day. When I finished I remember he looking at me and saying somethign along the lines of : ” I can’t sit here and do nothing.” She said she was going to start with plastic bags. She wasn’t kidding either. Every single day since sheContinue reading “My Journey to Living More Consciously”
  • Tips for Transitioning to Innersense:
    5 Tips for Transitioning to Innersense: This weekend was the launch of the Trust Your Innersense Challenge and on Saturday I hopped on live and filmed a launch video full of tips for those of you who are using Innersense products for the first time. Let me give you a quick recap: The very first thing that you need to know about Innersense products is that they are highly concentrated. Where most other products contain ~70% water, Innersense products are only about 40% water, and therefore you mustContinue reading “Tips for Transitioning to Innersense:”
  • Seven Thousand Things To Hate About Fragrance
    Fragrance is one of the trickiest and sneakiest ingredients out there. It’s listed on the label as a single ingredient. It’s actually a cocktail of about two dozen highly volatile esters and other synthetic, petroleum-based ingredients. Because the scent of a product is considered “proprietary information” and protected as a trade secret, companies are NOT required to tell you ANY of the ingredients are in their scent blends. What’s even WORSE is that they can PARTIALLY disclose. Meaning that they can tell you SOME, but not ALLContinue reading “Seven Thousand Things To Hate About Fragrance”

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