I’m Logan Spring.

but my friends call me Lo!

I am addicted to research and I know all too well what big business will do to cheat us and save a dollar. At the end of the day the only one that is truly ensuring you are doing good by both your earth and your family, is you.

I’ve been simplifying my lifestyle, living more consciously, and studying the science of sustainability for over a decade. I know how to make this journey easy.

Now, I’m taking what I’ve learned to the masses by inspiring a deep passion for eco-consciousness and a more simple, self reliant style of life.

Be the first to know about deals and sales on all of our favorite products, safety concerns about products on the market, eco-living, and so much more!

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Stop depending on endless products, heating tools and salon appointments make your hair look beautiful. It’s time to embrace your hair for what it actually is in a way that feels easy and fits your style of life.


Living greener and cleaner doesn’t have to be complicated. Let me show you some simple steps for living a style of life that aligns with the goodness of your heart no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.


When you align with your purpose, speak your truth and deliver on value, potential clients can’t help but be drawn to you and your content. Are you ready to step into the most magnetic version of you?

The 30 Day Challenge

What would to give to have jaw dropping curls in just 30 days?

This isn’t just possible, it’s happening right now! Join us as we ditch product dependency and step into the power of what we can create with out own two hand!

The Glossary of Styling Strategies

Your Guide To Understanding The Language of the Curly Hair World

I remember when I first realized there was an entire world of curly hair I had no clue what anyone was talking about.

Scrunching crunch and plopping, gravity method, coiling, clipping. It was literally all French to me. I was totally confused and I made it my goal to never let another woman be as confused on her curly hair journey.

Inside of this free downloadable guide is everything you need to know to begin to understand the language of the curly hair world.

Free Discovery Call

Women who choose to work with me are the type of women who:

♡ Are ready to live a more simple style of life
♡ Want to be sustainable but aren’t sure where to start
♡ Struggle to find greener and safer products that actually work
♡ Crave a life of meaning that simply flows and feels easy
♡ Refuse to believe that going green is as complicated as it seems
♡ Will stop at nothing to be the best version of themselves

Let’s see if we mesh!

These 15 minute discovery calls are the perfect space for us to get to know each other and there is plenty of time for you to to ask any questions you’d like!

The Product Finder

Discover My Favorite Products & Brands!

Completely free of all petrochemicals

Over the years, I have become incredibly concerned and aware about the ingredients in products that I bring into my home.

It’s wasn’t an all at once journey for me, it is one that took years of testing and trying, and it often felt like I was taking one step forward and then three steps back.

It is important to me that the products I share with you are the ones that I truly stand behind, and it is for that reason the ones that I share in the Product Finder are only products that I would use today.

The Blog

Homemade Oat Milk In Under 2 Minutes

I am officially done buying plant based milk from the store.

For starters, they’re ridiculously expensive, PLUS they contain less than 2% almonds, oats, cashews, etc.

The other 98% is water and a bunch of other ingredients that act as fillers, sweeteners, thickeners and preservatives. I just don’t see the point in spending $5 a gallon for water and a bunch of ingredients I don’t even know.

What’s On The Label

In the food and personal care industries, companies are required by law to print a complete List of Ingredients on their products. The ingredients must be listed in order of predominance with the ingredients used in the greatest amount printed first followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts. 

Here is what I found when I flipped over the bottle of Fat Free Ranch and compared it to Hidden Valley’s regular ranch (which is what I thought I was eating, just without the fat…somehow…).

My Favorite Curly Things!

The Curly Connections

My Favorite Place on the Interwebs!

Our Facebook Group has always been and will always be the heart and soul of Consciously Curly.

Inside, you get access not only to the entire database of free content I’ve shared since 2018, but also a community of the thousands of women who have joined me on my journey to consciousness (and amazing, healthy hair!).

Curly Connections is a safe space for you to share your journey, ask questions, and make friends with some of the best women I have even known.

You do not need to have curly hair to join us.

Curly Hair

What would it feel like to have someone truly getting to know you and your goals when it comes to embracing your natural curls?

To cut to the chase and know get beautifully defined curls without all the guess work??

If that’s what you’re looking for then these are the calls for you.


I can promise you that I am not like any other environmentalist you’ve encountered.

I know how to make this journey simple.

Let me help you read labels, find the right products or design simple solutions for creating a more sustainable home.


Putting yourself and your truth out there for the world to see isn’t easy.

I spent way too long playing by the “rules” and using “strategies” that didn’t feel good to me.

It took me years to design a business that feels free.

Let me show you how I did it!

I am putting together the best of the best of my curl hair content all in one please. Every course I’ve created and event I’ve held will be available to you at all in one place.

Get on the waitlist now and I’ll send you an epic discount when enrollment opens soon!

Shop My Favorite Products!

Find The Right Curly Hair Products

Use this quiz to find your dream hair products!

Finding the right products for your curls and waves can be more than a struggle. That’s why I created this free quiz. In less than 2 minutes you’ll have a complete list of cleansers, conditioners and styling products that will work perfectly for your hair type!

If you are struggling to find cleaner & safer curly hair products that actually work for your hair type, I definitely encourage you to take this quiz. It’s simple: just answer 6 basic questions about your hair and get customized product recommendations!

Greening Up Your Cleaning Game

Cleaning Products are some of the most toxic out there

This 5 week program will give you all of the tools that you need to know that your cleaning products aren’t just safe, but also effective and give you the confidence to be creative and make your own recipes.