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I need you to forget every Pantene ad you have ever seen. Forget all the Herbal Essences commercials, the Cosmo article, anything you’ve heard from past hair dressers and for sure every single thing your mama ever taught you about your hair.

Here is the thing:
Everything you thought you knew about your hair is wrong.

All Of It!

If you are looking to embrace the hair that you were born with, your god given beauty, that natural, authentic wave that 70% of women have, then you really have to kick convention to the curb.

My name is Logan Spring, I am fonder and creator of Consciously Curly and it is my dream to help every single woman I meet feel absolutely beautiful in her own skin and the hair she was born with.

I specialize in strategies and methods that are deeply rooted in sustainability, consciousness and the rejection of mass consumption. Strategies that empower you to step into your consciousness and trust your instinct when it comes to your hair.

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I have been on my curly journey (consciously) for over a decade now. Obviously, I’ve been on it my entire life, but for the last 10 years or so I’ve been paying attention.

In 2018, at the age of 31, I started sharing my curly hair journey on the internet in a Facebook group to help my friends figure out their own hair. Since then I’ve taught thousands of women to embrace their natural wave and curl with strategies and methods that don’t involve buying thousands and thousands of products.

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What I have found in the hair care world is that there is so much pressure to constantly buy products. We have become dependent on product for every little thing and it made me feel incredibly stressed and rushed. Now that I am conscious to it I see women navigating their clean beauty journey by buying product after product, to no avail.

If I used the biggest ‘ah-ha!’ moments and success stories from the women I’ve worked with to create six simple steps to Discover Your Curls,  it would look something like this:

Take a deep breath and ask yourself this: What would it truly feel like to be confident, happy and sexy without using dozens of products?

Would you feel free? Would mornings feel more easy? Would you feel physically, socially, environmentally or financially empowered if you did not have to depend on products for look and feel your best?

How would it feel to use less? Less chemicals, less plastic, less packaging, all of it, and to trust yourself more? To like yourself more?

The idea of the Consciously Curly Method is to truly start trusting yourself, liking yourself. I mean, I’ll go so far as to say it’s about LOVING YOURSELF!

Ditching the idea of mass consumption and that you need a product to have the hair of your dreams and start trusting the fact that you body was made for this.

Allowing your bodies natural rhythm and process to take over and ditching the products that are just creating short term, surface level results without really setting you up for success in the long run.

This is where your perspective starts to get flipped upside down because you are changing every signal thing you thought you knew about your hair. You thought you needed a shampoo to cleanse, and styling products and heating tools to get rid of frizz and make your hair smooth and soft- but you don’t!

So many things about what you believe about your hair will change, especially as you get your free cope of The Glossary of Styling Strategies and start experimenting with what is possible. This guide was designed to open your eyes to the thousands of different ways to approach your hair that have very little to do with product.

The second thing that I want you to do is just blindly and absolutely trust the process for just one second. By that, what I mean is this: What you do with your own two hands is infinitely more powerful than the products you are using. Live that. Breather that. Trust that.

I swear by this statement.

If you aren’t sold yet, then I encourage you to try take this challenge: Choose 4 products, a cleanser, a conditioner and two styling products. Then download your free copy of The Glossary of Styling Strategies by gaining access to The Curly Vault and create two totally different curly routines.

For each routine, change how you detangle your hair, how you stand in the shower, how you apply products and in what order. Change how you dry your hair when you come upright. CHANGE IT ALL and compare the results.

I promise you will be surprised.

There is SO MUCH power in the process, if you choose to discover and master it.

The main goal of our approach to curly hair is to make it personal. Get rid of things like brushes and styling tools that stop you from touching and really getting to know your hair and what it needs based on how it feels, and start paying attention to subtle differences in look and touch as you go.

Watch videos, take notes, try new strategies, and invite the play into your life when it comes to your hair. The process can be incredibly healing and is truly the best way to get to know your hair, which is key!

What you do with your own two hands is infinitely more powerful than the products you are using. Trust that.

Th next thing I want you to do is let go of the idea of immediate, short term, product driven results and start getting super honest with yourself. When you remove the types of products that give you immediate results, you have the opportunity to remove the mask take a look at what your hair actually is.

The damage that is actually there. The rectifying that needs to be done

What does you hair feel like when it has absolutely no product in it?

Does it feel good, or does it feel not good? The answer to this question is incredibly telling. Healthy hair feels smooth, soft, detangled and frizz free. It is shiny, lusciously and chunky without any product. Healthy hair does that.

Your hair will do that when it is healthy. What you really need to do is let go of the idea that product is giving you instant results and understand that this is a journey. This is you recovering from all of those years of doing it the conventional way.

This does not need to be expensive. This does not have to be more complicated.

The absolute and sole idea of the Consciously Curly method is that we are taking it back to basics, we are ditching product dependency and we are focusing on the process.

These are free, self-loving, self-caring activities and a state of mind that allows you to get rid of all of the white noise and get get your hair to be naturally healthy, using product to naturally maximize your results. That’s where you can start using product to start highlighting your hair where it is strong and supporting your hair where it is weak and help your hair truly thrive.

That’s where product truly belongs, but you have got to get to a place where you are honest with yourself and honest about where your hair is now. If you’re not honest with yourself about that then you are going to be in this constant battle of wanting to go back to those products that were giving you immediate results and this journey will never flow or feel good.

As you move into the Consciously Curly Method, as you start rejecting on mass consumption, as you stop depending on the endless consumption of product and the instant results it gives you and start trusting the process and committing to the journey of total hair health, every single decision you make is based on hydration.

Does you hair have enough hydration? Is your hair blocking out hydration? Is there something in the hair stopping water from getting in> How do you get hydration into the hair shaft? Is there too much product in the hair haft? Is the product helping to trap hydration in or smooth the cuticle down?

When you commit to this more natural, process-based approach to your hair, water becomes the replacement for all the products we have been taught that we need. Literally every single decision that we make on this journey becomes about hydration.

The craziest part about conventional products, is that they only give our hair the “appearance” of being hydrated by coating our hair in product that has a smooth sheen. Natural products do not do that, and because of that they need to be used completely differently because the goal is completely different.

The goal of product now is to help trap and hold hydration in the hair. Get conformable with hydration being your new product. You are replacing conventional hair care products with water, and I know it sounds crazy but I swear this works!

The next thing that I want you to do is literally flip your hair upside down.

I told you that every single thing you thought you knew about your hair was wrong, I told you I was going to flip your perspective upside down and I really wasn’t kidding.

You just probably didn’t think that I meant things so literally. That’s okay, it’s a common mistake.

Once you have got the mindset piece of this whole thing down, you should be cleansing, conditioning and styling or at least doing one of those three steps with your hair flipped over your shoulders and your head upside down.

This one simple step gives you better access to the scalp, helps with scalp health and regulating the scalps natural oil production, encouraging that oil to move down the lengths of your hair. If you have any issues with oily scalp or dandruff, going upside down is the number one solution for you.

When the hair is upside down you have better access, you can cleanser it better and product distributes more evenly. It also protects the to, most delicate layer of your hair from the high pressure and heat from the shower head. The top layer is already exposed to so much damage, from the wind, cold, heat, sun, dying, blow drying, flat ironing, hats, towels and lord knows what else that lay is exposed to.

The top layer is getting the most damage out of all of your hair and every single opportunity to mitigate that is time well spent.

The very last thing that you need to do is write down what’s happening.

I truly did not understand the power of this action until I started sharing my journey online. When I did, I found that my hair got so much better, so much faster when I started teaching other women about how they could embrace their natural hair and thinking more consciously about what I was doing with my own.

Spending just a few minutes to write about what I had done to my hair helped me to work through what was happening and empowered me to connect dots that I never would have even seen had I just been going with the motions. I was conscious. When I did my hair I’d think about what I did, what I felt, and what products I used. I took a photo.

I learned more about my hair in the last two years than in the 31 years before that, combined.

I don’t care how you track your process. I only care that you do it and there are ton’s of ways to make it happen. I know girls that make their own Instagram accounts and every day they do their hair they take a picture, write about what they did and make a post. I know girls that use the Notes App on their phone to quickly make a few notes and attach a photo.

I know girls that use the Process Trackers from The Curly Vault, and just circle and check off what they did and document it that way. The Consciously Curly Official Facebook Group is another great place to track your journey. That is literally what it’s for, it’s a safe place to share your journey.

The search feature in that group are ridiculous. It is so easy for you to go back and find all of the posts that you made and look back on your journey ad connect those dots. Start doing more of what’s working and less of what doesn’t work and I promise that you will have success on this journey every single time.

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