Do I Really Have To Stop Washing My Hair?

I will never understand how having curly hair became a competition for who can wash their hair the least.

I mean, I get where it came from. Convention would have us washing with crazy aggressive cleansers every single day so that we need all of their products to fix it.

It’s damaging. We want to reduce damage. I get it.

You know what else causes damage?- an irritated scalp. Dehydrated hair. Hair that has so much product in it that the shaft swells.

I have a secret for you – – not washing your hair can be just as damaging as washing it too much.

This is not an all or nothing experience.

I would like to formally give you permission to wash your hair as often as you friggin’ feel like.

This curly hair stuff doesn’t have to be a lot to read. A lot to mess up. Lists and apps to scan your products.

It can be about just one step from where your at.

If you are feeling called to explore the number of days your can take your hair in-between washes, then follow that intuition.

If you aren’t, you don’t have to worry. There are no joke thousands of other curly hair strategies out there. Be curious about them and feel free to explore what feels fun.

Here’s my truth: the curly hair world has gotten a little out of hand.

Lorraine Massey’s laid out some really simple principles in a book called the “Curly Girl Handbook” back in 2003 which became the foundation of what is now known as The Curly Girl Method (CGM).

Since then a lot has changed and the CGM is now known for being kind of complicated and having a lot of rules.

Like not washing your hair for example. Spoiler alert, that is not a concept that is either encouraged or celebrated in Lorraine’s book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally naïve. I get that times have changed since 2003. I got my first cell phone in 2003. It was not at all the same as my phone today.

I get why the rules have changed.

But for the brief period of time that I considered myself “CGM” I found it to be very complicated and not all that enjoyable.

There was a list of ingredients, that based on my being an engineer and avid clean beauty researcher I didn’t at ALL agree with, and I felt shaded on more than one occasion for asking about something I had no idea was frowned upon.

There was a lot to remember. Like taboo topics. A list of rules and products I was limited to.

Hi, I’m Logan and I hate playing by the rules. Always have, always will and you can be sure that I am going to wash my hair whenever the hell I feel like.

To be honest, I’ve been trying to remember if I washed my hair on Friday or not. I still have no idea.

I want you to close your eyes and take the deepest breath of the day. Take one more. Run your fingers lightly through the ends of your hair and ask yourself this: How does it feel?

Not on some scale that someone else made about porosity or moisture and protein.

How does it feel compared to yesterday? Compared to wash day? Compared to the last time you had day (whatever it is) hair?

Next time your are going to do your hair and wondering which of these 900 curly hair strategies to try, just breath.

Run your fingers through your hair.

  • Can you go another day without washing?
  • Will it be with fun curiosity? Or does it feel forced and uncomfortable?
  • What would a co-wash feel like? Or a gentler/different cleanser?

Here’s the thing: The Curly Girl Method is founded in curiosity and celebrates questions and progress.

There is no perfect. There is only one step further. There is only deeper trust and understanding. There is only progress.

Once you get it out of your head that you can mess this up, then the curly hair journey is free to be fun!

It’s not about finding new products and all of a sudden and having perfect hair.

It’s about stepping into a totally different mindset when it comes to your hair and having fun being curious and trying new things.

Being open to the idea that there is a totally different way.

That you can learn and experiment with the literally thousands of ideas out there and find what feels good to YOU, wherever your curiosity takes you.

Create your own path and find your own method.

That this can be easy. This can be fun.

So let me know in the comments below what your cleansing routine looks like these days, and know that it’s safe to share, it’s okay to not be sure and it’s a completely normal to find that what is working changes over time!

If you are still feeling curious about cleansing and want to know more I created this video this morning where I cover:

  • How I know when it’s time to wash my hair
  • Strategies that I use to extend the number of days between wash day
  • Rotating cleansers to cover your bases and prevent long term build-up

and even included a co-washing demonstration so you can see EXACTLY how I use conditioner as a cleanser to extend the number of days between wash day!

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