It’s Officially Time To Detox

THIS is what perfectly healthy hair can look like after just one encounter with a that builds-up.

Now…Imagine that build-up happening each and every day, slowly and unnoticeably, over dozens of years.

Can you start to imagine why it can be difficult to see results and figure out what your hair likes, what is working and what is not, until you get build-up out of the way?

*What is Detox?*

When it comes to creating Conscious Curls, detox is everything.

All of us are exposed to what is known as long term build-up just by living our lives.

It comes from air pollution, hard water minerals, chlorine, swimming, campfires, and even styling products.

Some of the compounds from the sources I mentioned aren’t removed by our cleansers and shampoo.

That means that they build-up on the hair and solidify, becoming hard crystals that are very hard to remove and taking up a lot of space in the hair shaft.

These crystallized compounds coat the hair and take the place, inside of the hair shaft, where we need water to go to hydrate our curls.

With this build-up on the hair it is very difficult to tell what your hair actually likes, what is working and what is not.

It’s not even your hair that is causing the reaction, it’s all the stuff on top of it and everything stuck inside it.

This is where the Trust Your Innersense Detox Challenge comes in.

During this free challenge, which starts on May 1st, we are ditching conventional synthetics and toxins and forcing our hair into what is called “DETOX”.

Like any detox, removing toxins takes time. In hair care, build-up often forms in layers, which generally need to be removed one-by-one.

Slowly, over time. It isn’t always pretty and can take time. It can feel frustrating and isolating.

This is why we are doing it together!

*Why Innersense?*

By using only Innersense products for one month, we are removing any opportunity for product to build up on the hair.

I know, with absolutely certainty, that the Innersense Hair Baths fully & completely remove any and all of the Innersense stylers and conditioners.

I know for an absolute fact that you will not create any more long term build-up when you do this challenge.

Then – we can see what happens.

We can start to notice your hair and how it reacts when sources of long term build-up have been removed.

We can make decisions, based on these reactions to create space for water and encourage your true texture to shine, based on what your hair actually needs.

This challenge will allow you to discover your hair in a whole new way.

Once the challenge is over you will be able to experiment with products with a new set of intentions. Intentions based, not on the products you have any what you’ve always done, but by how your hair looks and feels in that very moment.

*How The Challenge Works*

Let me take just a few moments of your Monday morning to explain how this 30 day challenge is gonna work.

  1. Register

    Enter your name and email on the registration page to sign up for the challenge get and gain access to the challenge vault.
  2. Commit

    During this challenge, you’ll shelve the toxins in your conventional hair products and commit to using cleaner hair care products exclusively for a month, starting May 1st 2021.

    I personally recommend using Innesense Organic Beauty products for the duration of this challenge.

    I understand that Innersense isn’t for everyone and if you choose not to use Innersense products, you can still do this challenge with us!

    When you register, commit to taking one step forward when it comes to the products you use on your hair.

    If you are using conventional hair care, try using ‘cgm friendly’ products.

    If your using store bought ‘cgm friendly’ products (like Cantu, Shea Moisture, NYMN, Jessica, etc) try choosing products with better sourcing, or no polyquats, fragrance, EDTAs, PEGs, PPGs, etc. (Maybe Curlsmith, Inhasi, Giovanni, Ecoslay, Evolvh, My Soigne, Bringing, or Ursa Major).

    The idea is to take your hair care journey one step further.
  3. Freebies

    Once you register you will gain access to ALL of the files and videos I’ve created over 3 years of doing this challenge.

    You’ll get the direct link to the Detox Mask, all of my product recommendations by hair type AND a series of videos to help you figure out what you need for the challenge.
  4. Stock up

    In the free video series you gain access to upon registering I highlight every single Innersense product, so that you can actually see them and figure out what you want to try.

    This year is special because Innersense just launched a brand new detox mask (which I just used this morning and is truly heavenly!

    This is huge because we now have truly safe and gentle options for both clarifying (the Detox Mask) and chelating (the Scalp Scrub).

    In the past, I would recommend the clarifier and chelator from Malibu C (they’re still listed on the site if you prefer them) which contain ingredients polyquats, PEGs, PPGs, EDTAs and fragrance, nine of which I recommend or use in my day to day life.

    I recommended them because they were effective and the best products available for the job…until now.

    Innersense also offers 2oz travel size options of all of their hair baths, conditioners and stylers, which should last you the duration of this challenge without a problem.

    I definitely recommend you purchase these smaller size options if you are using Innersense for the first time, so that you can splurge on a wide variety and really figure out what you like best.

    I spoke to my friends at Innersense and they have agreed to hook up three lucky participants with a truly amazing detox package.
  • The Detox Mask (4 oz)
  • The Scalp Scrub (6.7 oz)
  • The Hydrating Mask (4 oz)
  • Pure Inspiration Hair Bath (10 oz)
  • Pure Harmony Conditioner (10 oz)

That’s over a $160 value!

Here are just a few of the ways that you can start earning entries today:

  • Registering for the challenge using your name and e-mail at (you must register to qualify)
  • Thoughtfully invite your friends to take this challenge with you in the comments of THIS POST! (1 entry per invite)
  • Attend our exclusive *live* interview with Greg Starkman , co-owner and founder of Innersense next Tuesday, April 25th at 8:30pm Eastern (30 entries for live attendees).

You will also have opportunities to earn entries for participating on designated posts and making posts of your own sharing your journey.

Be sure you have a notebook or piece of paper for this challenge where you are tracking your own points.

Over 100 women have already registered for this challenge. I will NOT be tracking your points for you and ALL POINTS WILL BE VERIFIED for the three women who win.

P.s. – I do make commissions from Innersense purchases made through the kinks on my website at NO COST TO YOU. Thanks for always supporting me and this movement!

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