Mega Definition Styling Routine

I went in looking for a home run of curly definition and that’s exactly what I got!

The strategy you see here is what I would do if I’m going for MEGA definition and curls that I want to last several days.

Let me explain a little about my routine and what I did before I started recording, then I’ll drop the edited video of it in the space below this post.

I started this video after co-washing twice (once with Innersense Color Radiance and the next with Long Hair Don’t Care) and then raking two pumps of the Innersense CR conditioner from root to end.

I clipped my hair up and got dressed to film.

In the video you can see me start with some Sweet Spirit Leave-In, rake it through, and then work my hair into a dozen or so chunky, hydrated clumps.

Then I use two pumps of I Create Volume applied with Bear Clawing, then gliding, forming my hair into even clumping clumps as I went.

*Note: the actual size of the clumps really doesn’t matter. Play around with what feels good and works for you!

《I mostly didn’t want to finger coil that many times, lol》

Then I finger coiled, and scrunched a few clumps where I felt so inclined.

*Second note: each hand coils your hair in a different direction. Some people care about that, I personally don’t. If I have some curls reversed, or looking funky I’m okay with it.

Perfection isn’t my vibe, but if its yours, feel free to take a second to make sure you use the right hand.

I scrunched in the I Create Lift foam in three solid scrunches, came upright with some light shaking, sprayed on a bit of I Create Finish for a little added crunch and reduced drying time.

Microplopped. Clipped. Hood dried for 10 mins. Air dried the rest and VOLIA!

These are some of the best curls I’ve styled in a long time.

It felt SO friggin’ good to have fun with my hair again! Its been awhile since I really put the effort in to get epic definition.

Here is the link with all of the info:

So happy I caught this style session on camera for you ladies! I love you and am so truly grateful for you.

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