30 Days To The Hair Of Your Dreams

Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge!

  • Do you find this whole curly hair thing to be super overwhelming?
  • Are you ready to embrace your natural hair but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you sick of trying product after product and just not getting results?

Then you are in the right place today!

Consciously Curly will be hosting a FREE 30 day challenge inside of our Facebook Group, The Curly Connections and our goal is simple:

To help you fully and completely love your natural hair by Valentines Day!

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By registering for this free challenge you are committing to using just 4 products for the next 30 days.

  • One Cleanser
  • One Conditioner
  • Two Stylers

That’s it. All you have to do now is have fun experimenting with your curls and discovering the results you can create with your own two hands!

Each day I’ll send the next step to our journey, a new idea, or strategy that we can each add to our curly hair tool kits together and talk through and integrate into our routine it feels good to us.

You can expect to see:

  • 5-10 minute video demonstrations & trainings
  • Descriptions of basic curly hair strategies with photos/video clips
  • Progression photos
  • Strategies for tracking your progress
  • & So much more!

This challenge is totally free to join,
and there are two ways to participate:

  1. Inside of our Facebook Group, The Curly Connections.
    Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10am I’ll be sharing a new curly hair method, idea or styling strategy for us to consider and discuss. There will also be weekly check-in posts where you can share your transformation and earn entries to the giveaway at the end of the month!
  2. As a Member of our E-mail List:
    I understand that not everyone has or uses their Facebook account. That’s why each of the posts that we share in the group will also be send out by email, so that you are sure you don’t miss a thing. Feel free to follow along and participate right from your inbox!

Want to win the best hair care products in the world?

I am SO happy that 2020 is almost over and in the spirit of that, my upcoming birthday and all these dang I want to share all of my favorite things with you!

So I’ll be giving away a collection of some of my favorite, ultra-hydrating winter wonderland products with one lucky winner as a part of this challenge.

The grand prize bundle includes:

  • Innersense Hydrating Cream Hair Bath
  • Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner
  • Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask
  • Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control

and it’s worth $114!

There will be TONS of opportunities to enter throughout the month, so be sure to stay plugged in to the daily content so you don’t miss them!

I’ve done free 30 day challenges in the past, but nothing like this.
This challenge is a true gift from my heart.
I have spent more hours than I can count collecting dozens of short video clips and writing dozens so that it is easy to understand and follow along.

I’m going to be honest – I don’t expect that I will offer another experience like this for free. It takes a ton of time and energy to put on, and I know in the depths of my soul that it is worth so much more.

I’d hate for you to miss this and would be so truly honored for you to join me on this journey.

All you need is an e-mail address to join us.