Logan Spring is an internationally recognized thought leader in consciousness and consumerism.

In the world of consumerism, she is known as the curly queen.
But there is so much more.

Through her wildly popular curly community, unparalleled digital course offerings, comprehensive product finder, highly engaging social media presence, daily free inspirational content, detailed live demonstrations, simple downloadable guides and fun quarterly challenges, she empowers women all across the globe to fall madly in love with the earth and their impact.

She works with dozens of the most moral and ethical brands on the planet to do just that.

Her mission is to get the power of consciousness, especially when it comes to consumption, into the hands of every single woman she meets.

What many people don’t know is that for every ONE single trash can we place at the end of our driveway each week, SEVENTY trash cans were made upstream just to make the stuff that we are throwing away.

This problem is magnified by the fact that only about 2% of the items we purchase are still used in 6 months, and it’s no coincidence.

The system is designed this way.

Combining her background in Industrial Engineering, Business, and experience working in various manufacturing environments, Logan isn’t like any other environmentalist you’ve encountered.

She’s created and shared thousands of opportunities for you to get serious about your impact and start taking accountability for it. Sure, it starts at home, but truly it starts with you. It starts with your consciousness.

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I’m Lo! I am a blogger, course creator, avid environmentalist and curly hair queen. My job is simple: to awaken your consciousness, help you step away from mass consumption and embrace a more simple and sustainable style of life.

Let’s create radical change!

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