Tips for Transitioning to Innersense:

5 Tips for Transitioning to Innersense: This weekend was the launch of the Trust Your Innersense Challenge and on Saturday I hopped on live and filmed a launch video full of tips for those of you who are using Innersense products for the first time. Let me give you a quick recap: The very first thingContinue reading “Tips for Transitioning to Innersense:”

Seven Thousand Things To Hate About Fragrance

Fragrance is one of the trickiest and sneakiest ingredients out there. It’s listed on the label as a single ingredient. It’s actually a cocktail of about two dozen highly volatile esters and other synthetic, petroleum-based ingredients. Because the scent of a product is considered “proprietary information” and protected as a trade secret, companies are NOTContinue reading “Seven Thousand Things To Hate About Fragrance”

It’s Officially Time To Detox

THIS is what perfectly healthy hair can look like after just one encounter with a that builds-up. Now…Imagine that build-up happening each and every day, slowly and unnoticeably, over dozens of years. Can you start to imagine why it can be difficult to see results and figure out what your hair likes, what is workingContinue reading “It’s Officially Time To Detox”

A Quick Word On Cleansers & Scalp Health

These are the facts: YOUR HAIR IS DEAD. There is not a product, dye, chemical treatment or flat iron out there that can kill your hair. There are also no products that can feed, nourish, or heal your hair. It’s already dead. All of this time we thought we were in the business of usingContinue reading “A Quick Word On Cleansers & Scalp Health”

Conventional Hair Care Is Killing Your Hair

Embracing your natural curls is different. Part of what makes the Consciously Curly Method of styling curly hair so unique is that it is organic in every way. The method is all about seeing what your hair can do in its most natural and healthy state. My biggest revelation with my hair is when IContinue reading “Conventional Hair Care Is Killing Your Hair”

Do I Really Have To Stop Washing My Hair?

I will never understand how having curly hair became a competition for who can wash their hair the least. I mean, I get where it came from. Convention would have us washing with crazy aggressive cleansers every single day so that we need all of their products to fix it. It’s damaging. We want toContinue reading “Do I Really Have To Stop Washing My Hair?”