A Quick Word On Cleansers & Scalp Health

These are the facts: YOUR HAIR IS DEAD. There is not a product, dye, chemical treatment or flat iron out there that can kill your hair. There are also no products that can feed, nourish, or heal your hair. It’s already dead. All of this time we thought we were in the business of usingContinue reading “A Quick Word On Cleansers & Scalp Health”

Conventional Hair Care Is Killing Your Hair

Embracing your natural curls is different. Part of what makes the Consciously Curly Method of styling curly hair so unique is that it is organic in every way. The method is all about seeing what your hair can do in its most natural and healthy state. My biggest revelation with my hair is when IContinue reading “Conventional Hair Care Is Killing Your Hair”

Do I Really Have To Stop Washing My Hair?

I will never understand how having curly hair became a competition for who can wash their hair the least. I mean, I get where it came from. Convention would have us washing with crazy aggressive cleansers every single day so that we need all of their products to fix it. It’s damaging. We want toContinue reading “Do I Really Have To Stop Washing My Hair?”

Curl Clumping Strategies

Every single time I get my hair wet my goal is the same: make curl clumps. It’s the method to create them that changes day to day. You may have heard me say that In the curly hair world hydration is everything. Hair that is soaking wet tend to come together in chunkier pieces, which is whyContinue reading “Curl Clumping Strategies”

Tips To Get You Started

I need you to forget every Pantene ad you have ever seen. Forget all the Herbal Essences commercials, the Cosmo article, anything you’ve heard from past hair dressers and for sure every single thing your mama ever taught you about your hair. Here is the thing: Everything you thought you knew about your hair isContinue reading “Tips To Get You Started”

Discovering One Love Organics

Before I turned 30 my skin care routine was literally NOTHING. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not even a regular cleanser. I remember a few times here and there going on a little spree with a cleanser or something. I had Clean & Clear at one point and Clinique at another, but I wasn’t even close toContinue reading “Discovering One Love Organics”