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The Perfect Haircare

Hair Care

The best microfiber towel you will ever own.

I’ve tried all kinds of fabrics for drying my hair, I’m talkin’ T-shirts, microfiber of all shapes and sizes, camp towels, all of it.

The Perfect Haircare is the one for me.

The fabric is smoother than any other fabric I have even used. Light and soft, and able to pull just the right amount of water from my hair without over drying and causing frizz.

Even when I forget about it and leave it on for literal hours.

The Perfect Hair Care Company is a small, family owned company out of Florida. The towel was created for Bobbi and Tony’s daughter, who was born with hair that was made to tangle.

Every other towel out there wreaked havoc on her hair.

So they made a better one. Bobbi and Tony do it all themselves, from the design, manufacturing requirements, marketing, web design, sales, all of it.

The full size plopping towel is very large, even when my hair was below my waistline, it all fit in this towel in a towel twist. This towel is also great for plopping and micro plopping.

But I think what I like the most about this towel is the innovative string closure that keeps the towel on your head so that you can multitask while your hair dries. This towel will literally NEVER come off if you don’t want it to!

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