Hair Care: Clumpy & Curly

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Recommendations for Clumpy & Curlier Hair Types

That means that your hair walks right down the center of the road between fine & thin and thick & thirsty. This can be super fun because you will find that most products work with your hair!

If your hair struggles to accept hydration try using some of the cleansers and conditioners from the list below coupled with encouraging styling strategies can help to work water into your hair.

If you find that your hair can get wet, but tends to dry out within a day or two, using the creams, foams and serums listed below with encouraging styling strategies can help to trap the water inside of the hair shaft, preventing frizz for longer.

Finish your style by smoothing a gel over top to leave a smooth, shiny cast

In general, you will find that products with an excellent balance of hydration and hold are going to work best for you.

You can learn more about Encouraging and Elongating Styling Strategies inside of
The Glossary of Styling Strategies

Here are Consciously Curly’s Product Recommendations for Chunky & Curly Hair Types






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