Conscious Consumption

Are you ready to finally understand what you are looking at when you pick up a product and read the label?

To know that what you are bringing home is really safe for you and your family, based on you standards??

Forget what is right for everyone else, what about what is right for you?!

In this 14 days event I will be sharing *everything* you need to know to read labels with confidence.

To understand the products right there in front of you and what’s inside of them.

And, more importantly, to trust the companies that make them.

And feel really, really good about what kind of momentum you are giving the money you work so hard for…without actually spending more than you do right now!

If that sounds like your kind of rhythm, then this is the event for you.

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My name is Logan and I have mastered the art of frugal living.

My standards are high. I only use the best of the best, but I spend less than ever before. I’ve lived on a fixed expenses that would blow your mind while I do it.

This is my calling.

To show you how to live a style of life that is conscious and intentional. Good for you, good for the planet, and where you respect your money and the people you give it to.

You use what you have and you buy what you need to fill the gaps.

What is the event?

This event will consist of four live video trainings:

  1. Finding Brands You Trust
  2. Discovering Products That Work For You
  3. Reading Ingredients Labels Like A Boss
  4. Use Better, Spend Less, The Lost Art of Making Do

There is also a corresponding Facebook Event which I will be filling up with so much information about stepping into your consciousness as a consumer over the next four weeks, it will make your head spin!

Why is this important?

I’m going to share an unpopular opinion right now that might blow your mind. I know it blew mine when I first started learning about it:

》The number one problem with science today is that those who can afford to do it correctly are the wrong people.《

That’s right, I said it. Non-profits and government agencies don’t have the budget, plain and simple. They could, and they should. But, they don’t for various reasons I wont get into right now.

Because of this, private industry does most of their own research, and its not necessarily to benefit us or even to publish their findings. In fact, it’s mostly so they know what problems lie ahead for them. To help the switch the narrative.

Here are some examples:

  1. The cigarette industry’s story is pretty well known. Their research showed cigarettes caused a wide variety of illness. They covered up that info and created marketing campaigns about how safe smoking is.

    But they aren’t the only ones.

  2. Oil industry research showed impacts on climate change as early as the 1960’s, and they also hid that information from the public (for half a century ) and then launched a mega campaign insisting climate change is a hoax.

    They continue spend millions of dollars a year on that campaign.

  3. Johnson and Johnson’s science over 60 years ago (and every year since) showed that talc powder is contaminated with asbestos – a substance PROVEN to cause over 80% of all Mesothelioma cancer cases diagnosed.

    In 2018, leaked FDA documents proved that J&J and the FDA know this worked together to hide it from the public.

    J&J continues to encourage women to sprinkle talc *in their underwear*, and *on their babies* everyday.

  4. Monsanto is another example. They did a study on rats that showed their weed killer, RoundUp, is safe, and it worked.

    Rats exposed did not develop tumors when exposed for 2 years. Then, a French scientist by the name of Gilles-Eric Séralini, repeated the experiment and found that tumors started growing just after the 2 year mark…interesting.

    The study was published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal, but later retracted. Several years after, documents were released showing that the Editor-in-Chief, Wallace Hayes, who joined the journal just weeks after Séralini’s work was published, had been previously employed by Monsanto.

  5. Have you ever heard of PFAS? They’re the thin film being used on everything from rain coats to sofas to frying pans that make them waterproof or non-stick.

    And they’re ridiculously toxic. They’re also bio-persistent which means that they exist in our environment FOREVER. They never break down and are now found in the blood of 99.7 percent of American and used more widely than ever across various industries.

    As early as 1961, DuPont knew that this Chemical caused serious issues in lab animals, including cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, and increased risk of asthma and thyroid disease, but most importantly – severe reproductive issues.

    That didn’t stop them from dumping it in the rivers that ran alongside their manufacturing plants, poisoning their workers, all the local residents and the earth with these chemicals that never go away.

    Workers of one of those plants in North Carolina filed and won one of the largest class action lawsuits of all time for DuPont’s negligence.

These are the stories of just 5 different chemicals used in industry today.

Over 80,000 other chemicals are also being used, 90% of which have never been tested (by governmental or third party testers who would actually SHARE the results) for their impact to human health. That means there could be 71,000 other stories just like these we don’t know about yet.

My point is this: companies are lying to us and we deserve better.


And, though it may feel really friggin’ complicated to avoid these chemicals, I assure you it’s not.

It’s made to seem complicated on purpose. You can set yourself free from exposure to ingredients you don’t know and understand.

You can embrace what is safe and natural and beautiful in this world and forget all the rest with more ease and flow than you could even imagine.

I know because I’ve done it, and over the years I have learned to wildly simplify the process.

Starting June 20th I am going to be sharing every single thing I know about how to find safe products you can actually trust. The Conscious Consumption 101 event is coming. Are you ready?

If so, tap HERE and register for the free event today! ♡