Like many other curly girls, Lo struggled with her hair for years. Tired of being stuck with a frizzy mess and never knowing when the next good hair day was coming, she spent over a decade working with curly hair professionals and doing tons of research to figure out the secret to truly healthy hair. Thousands of women have across the globe have adopted her unique, highly conscious approach to embracing their natural hair through her courses, consults and online communities.

My Mission

Ex-product addict and hair damage connoisseur gone course creator and hair health expert on a mission to redefine what it means to have curly hair. Our hair should empower us, not restrict or chain us down. Gone are the days where you have to depend on handfuls of product and pray to the high heavens to have a good hair day. Let me guide you on your journey to discover beautiful, simple, healthy hair without all of the rules and complications. It’s time to fall in love what your god given beauty, once and for all.

I believe in teaching you a way to discover hair that you love by designing a routine that fits your lifestyle. It’s all about stepping into your conscious, reducing dependence on product and focusing on what really matters: hydration.

I know it sounds crazy but watching women from all across the globe embrace something as trivial as their hair. It’s changed me.

I see it day after day. Not just women having a good hair day but women who are finally starting to feel comfortable in their own skin. Women who are looking in the mirror and feeling genuinely beautiful for the very first time.

For a few, it’s the first time in their life they’ve ever felt that feeling. 
It gives me chills just thinking about it . . . This is my dream.

Logan Spring – Consciously Curly

Why You Can Trust Me:

  • 10+ years of curly hair experience
  • Trained with 12+ of curly hair experts
  • Coached over 500 curly girls.
  • Owner of one of the most active online curly hair communities.
  • CARES about her clients genuinely.

The Holy Grail of Products!

Quiz: Find The Right Products

Find your dream hair products!

Finding the right products for your curls and waves can be more than a struggle. That’s why I created this free quiz. In less than 2 minutes you’ll have a complete list of cleansers, conditioners and styling products that will work perfectly for your hair type!

If you are struggling to find cleaner & safer curly hair products that actually work for your hair type, I definitely encourage you to take this quiz. It’s simple: just answer 6 basic questions about your hair and get customized product recommendations!

Start Tracking Your Journey

Take Control of Your Curly Journey with These Free Printable (& Digital) Trackers!

Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ve learned a lot from all of the curly hair course that I’ve taken and experts that I’ve worked with, but there is nothing in the world that has helped me understand my hair more than taking just a few minutes per week to sit down and write about my hair and what I’m noticing.

I know not everyone wants to share their journey by making posts on social media, the way I did, so I created both a printable and digital way for you to keep track of what’s happening.

The Glossary of Styling Strategies

Download Your Free Guide to the Curly Hair World

Inside of this free downloadable guide is everything you need to know to begin to understand the language of the curly hair world.

Within it’s pages I’ve broken down the curly hair routine into eight simple steps and defined over 30+ curly hair styling strategies so that you can get started experimenting with your curls right away!

The Curly Connections

My Favorite Place on the Interwebs!

Our Facebook Group has always been and will always be the heart and soul of Consciously Curly.

Inside, you get access not only to the entire database of free content I’ve shared since 2018, but also a community of the thousands of women who have joined me on my journey to consciousness (and amazing, healthy hair!).

Curly Connections is a safe space for you to share your journey, ask questions, and make friends with some of the best women I have even known.

You do not need to have curly hair to join us.


Your guide to narrowing down what products will work best for your hair type based on density, thickness and porosity.


Learn the language of the curly hair world and start putting strategies together to design a routine that works for you.


The very best way to be conscious of what is happening to your hair is to write it down. These trackers will help guide you.


It can be such a struggle to figure out all the curly hair things. Book a 15 minute discovery call with me so and let’s make a plan!

Curly Consultations

What would it feel like to have someone truly getting to know you and your goals when it comes to embracing your natural curls? Someone who could help make this easy?

It’s time to remove all the guess work and cut to the chase.

Let’s see if we mesh!

If you are on the fence about taking a consultation or course with me, then these calls are for you. They are the perfect space for us to get to know each other and there is plenty of time for you to to ask any questions you’d like!

The Consciously Curly Method

It’s time to fall madly in love with your hair

All of the curly hair content I’ve ever shared in one single course. This 12 week program plus 30+ hours of bonus content is perfectly designed to help you through each step of your curly hair journey and design a routine that works for you.