Curly Consultation

What would it feel like to have someone truly getting to know you and your goals when it comes to embracing hair?

To cut to the chase and know get beautifully defined curls, without all the guess work?

To have someone help you filter through all of the information out there, and hep you design a *simple* routine that works for you?

If that’s what you’re looking for then

These Are The Calls for You!

In these 40 minute video calls I’ll meet you where you’re at on your curly journey and help you do just that.

Just a Few of my Happy Clients

This is the before and after of Nikki’s second consultation. We’d covered the basics in our first call and this time she specifically asked for more definition. We walked through and designed a new routine for high definition that takes the same amount of time as she was already spending!

Nikki Klein

Boca Raton, FL

“Every single penny I have spent on your consultations and all the new products have been SO worth it…because this morning, my hair feels SOFT and is SHINY!!! I can’t tell you the last time I saw my hair shine!! I think I’m finally on the right road! Thank you so much!”

Kellie Companovo Lovette

Meridian, Mississippi

Consultation Options

One Call Package


Book one, 40 minute, curly consultation with Lo, to discuss your goals and routine, making simple adjustments that will give you results you’ve been dreaming of

– One 40 minute video consultation
– Custom wash day routine
– Homework assignment

One Call +
Tub Side Demo


Our consultation will take place in the tub/shower, so that I can watch your routine, and demonstrate conscious changes that will move you closer to your goals

– One 40 minute video consultations
– Custom wash day routine
– Homework assignment
– Personalize product recommendations
– Custom wash day routine
– Homework assignment & review
– Plan for detox and build-up removal

Monthly Package


Master your routine with monthly calls, focused on detox, total hair health styling for all occasions (and conditions), that will set up up for the long-term.

– Monthly 40 minute video consultations
– One hour per week Messenger support/feedback with Logan
– Personalize product recommendations
– Custom wash day routine
– Step by Step Detox Guidance
– Homework assignments & reviews
– the ability to upgrade any call to a Tub Side Demonstration upon request (additional fee required)


Tub Side Demonstrations!

I ALL THE WAY for my curly clients. Especially the ones who go all in.

I don’t just want to help you find a few spaces for opportunity, We won’t just figure out build-up, we won’t just define the routine of your dreams, we won’t just find the right products for you…I’ll friggin’ get in the bath and show you.

Listen, getting in the shower on video isn’t easy. Going live from the shower isn’t easy. Doing my hair in the living room isn’t easy.

But it works.

When you upgrade your call to a Tub Side Consultation, I’ll get in my tub and show you exactly how to get the results you are looking for in one of our calls! You can even upgrade the ret of your calls to Tub Side Demonstrations at checkout!!

More Happy Clients

“Oh my goodness- my daughters are raving about my hair! They said its never looked better! I am blown away! I thank God for you, sweet girl!”

Katie Hubbard

Texas, USA

“I’m a little obsessed right now! You have no idea how many years I have hidden my curly hair under twice weekly professional blow dries each week! These calls are literally worth a million dollars”

Karen Leibovitch

United Kingdom

Aren’t sure if these calls are for you?

For the first time ever I am creating space in my calendar for free 15 minute discovery calls with you!

Let’s see if we mesh!

If you are on the fence about a consultation or course, then these calls are for you. They are the perfect space for us to get to know each other and there is plenty of time for you to to ask any questions you’d like!


Do I have to schedule all of my calls within one month or can I space them out a bit more?
Great question! You have 30 days to use each call, so that means 30 days to use the first call, 30 days after the first to use the next call, and so on.

How does messenger support work?
You have access to me on Facebook messenger for 7 days after each call to ask questions and share the results of you initial experiments!

What if I pay for my calls and there is no time on the calendar that works for me?
If you log in to my calendar and there are no time slots on my calendar in the next 30 days that work for you, you don’t have to worry. Shoot an email to and we will work it out.

Note that tub side consultations are only available Weekdays from 9am-5pm, with very limited Saturday availability by request only.

What if I don’t have high tech equipment to set up a camera in front of my tub?
These calls are yours. If you don’t want to do a call from your tub or don’t have the right set u to make it work, the upgrade is still valuable. I am still more than happy to get in the tub and show you, step by-step methods for saturating and styling your hair in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Most people are just propping up their computer on a few books on the bathroom counter and angling the camera toward either a tub or faucet. We don’t need anything fancy.