Detox Your Locks

Are you following the curly method, doing ALL the curly girl things, and not seeing results the same results as everyone else around you?

Hundreds of women that embrace this more personal and natural approach to their hair struggle in the beginning, and while the new styling strategies and guidelines around products can take some getting used to.

However, in my experience there is usually something else going on, and that this is usually


Most people, using most products, are caught in a catch-22, of sorts. They’re products contain silicones or low-quality oils, waxes, and butters that are not water soluble & create this kind of excessive build up in the hair.

These products do not wash out with water alone. That’s where harsh lathering agents like sulfates come in, to remove the plastic and grease stuck on the hair shaft.

Problem is, these ingredients are extremely drying & damage the hair. With continued use, it is impossible for your hair to be truly healthy.

The conventional solution is those silicones or low-quality oils, waxes, and butters. They lay on the hair shaft giving it a smooth, soft, lustrous feel and a nice shiny finish – especially when you partner them with hot styling tools.

Most cleansers don’t remove all of the hair products from the hair.

Here’s how I know — If sulfate cleansers could really remove everything from hair that has been washed daily for YEARS with them, it would feel HORRIBLE.

We would NOT all be using them.

I know because I’ve felt what it feels like when the build-up is removed, and soon you will too.

These big box store brands: They formulate for that.

They intentionally include ingredients and formulations that can’t be completely removed, and leave a little layer of product in your hair to make it feel smooth.

To give you the impression that your hair is soft, smooth and healthy, when really the products you are using are ravishing it.

Overtime these compounds build-up in our hair and solidify, becoming hard crystals that create layers and are very hard to remove. These crystallizations take up the space in our hair shaft where we need our natural

This kind of build-up isn’t just from styling products and conditioners either, thought that is where they are most commonly found. Even cleansers can leave a layer of conditioners on the hair to make it ‘feel’ smooth and healthy.

That doesn’t even include that layers of build-up that can come from environmental toxins such as smoke, hard water and air pollution.

If you’ve been following conventional rules when it comes to your hair, doing all of the normal things like dyeing, frying and using store bought products, then I’d be willing to bet that long term build-up your barrier to success.

It usually happens really, really slowly. Most of us don’t even see it happening.

When I removed shitty products from my routine and finally got rid of the years of build-up and damage I had done to my hair, what I found was freedom.

I found that I was spending less on hair that looked better, but it was so much more than that – I felt better.

I had removed such a large source of toxic chemicals form my life, and I noticed I had more energy, more clarity, less skin issues, less headaches and fogginess.

The choice to living a life where you feel good everyday without struggle is simple.
It’s freeing.

I promise, it’s easy

This is what can happen when you remove the crap, free your curls from detox and give your hair a real chance at being its best.

I’m not saying it’s an instant transformation, there are 10 years between these photos. Total hair health doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Drop the conventional mindset that is killing your hair’s health
  • Radically shift how you approach and style your curls or waves
  • Discover strategies that actually nourish your hair from the inside
  • Increase your confidence and intuition when it comes to styling
  • Know how to become an energetic match for good hair days
  • Lay the foundation for FREEING YOUR HAIR from years of build-up

 Learn my process for working through layers crystallization with ease with ten strategies for build-up removal that can be mixed and matched to remove anything that may be stuck in your hair.

 Full and detailed description of The Detox Sequence to help your mix and match the ten build-up removing strategies to effectively create space for water without damaging your hair

 I’ve added affirmations/guided inner work to help you integrate the principals quickly.

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Video Topic 2: How to Balance pH and Remove Build-Up with Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha Hair Rinses (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 3: What is an Ascorbic Acid and How Can it be Used as a Detox with Live Demonstration (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 4: How to Use Bentonite Clay to As A Hair Cleansing and Skin Detox Treatment (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 5: Tying It All Together: A Live Example of Build-Up Removal in Three Steps (Valued at $149)

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