Detox Your Locks

  • Are you doing ALL the curly girl things and not seeing results?
  • Does your hair tangle and matt together when it gets wet?
  • Have you given up on natural products before because they cause frizz and flash drying?
  • Are you ready to skip to the chase and remove build-up from your hair once and for all?

Most women that embrace our more personal and natural approach to their hair struggle in the beginning and I want to be the first to assure you that there is nothing wrong with you.

In my experience, there is usually something going on, and that this is usually


Most people, using most products, are caught in a catch-22, of sorts.

Conventional products contain silicones and other low-quality oils, waxes, and butters that create this kind impermeable coating on the hair that is impossible to penetrate with more gentle, natural cleansing products.

So when you switch to them, it can seem like they aren’t working.

That’s why sulfate shampoo’s exist. They are used on the hair even though they are ridiculously more harsh than would be necessary were those heavy oils, butters and plastics not used.

Because they’re so harsh, and encouraged to be used daily, they cause extreme dryness & damage the hair.

The conventional solution to this dryness and damage are those silicones and low-quality oils, waxes, and butters, thus completing the cycle.

The products make you need more products and with continued use of this cycle it is impossible for your hair to be truly healthy.

Most of these shampoos don’t actually remove all products from the hair.

Here’s how I know — If sulfate cleansers could really remove everything from hair that has been trapped in this cycle for YEARS, your hair would feel HORRIBLE after you used them.

I know because I’ve felt what it feels like when the build-up is removed, and soon you will too.

Instead, they leave behind just enough build-up in the hair so that you won’t notice the extensive damage being created by this cycle.

They want to give you the impression of smooth, soft, healthy hair without having to actually deliver it.

  • Drop the conventional mindset that is killing your hair’s health
  • Radically shift how you approach and style your curls or waves
  • Discover strategies that actually nourish your hair from the inside
  • Increase your confidence and intuition when it comes to styling
  • Lay the foundation for FREEING YOUR HAIR from years of build-up

Then I would like to formally introduce you to the

Listen, love.
These big box store brands: They’re smart.
They formulate this intentionally to sell more product.

When I started transitioning into more natural products and finally got rid of the years of build-up and damage I had done to my hair…that’s when I found freedom.

I found that I was spending less on hair that looked better, but it was so much more than that – I felt better.

I had removed such a large source of toxic chemicals from my life, and began to notice that I had more energy, more clarity, less skin issues, my eczema and scalp scabbing completely disappeared.

The choice to living a life where you feel good everyday without struggle is simple.
And it’s freeing.

I promise, this isn’t complicated, and you don’t have to be intimidated or worried about damaging your hair with all of these treatments,
It’s easy, and I am going to show you how, step by step.

This is what can happen when you step into your consciousness and say no to the conventional way of doing your hair.

When you give your hair a real chance at being its best.

I’m not saying it’s an instant transformation, there are 10 years between these photos. Total hair health doesn’t happen overnight.
But it happens.
It’s happened hundreds of times right here in this mini series.

Video Topic 1: Lo’s Unconscious Detox

I made this video in October 2018 after switching exclusively to Innersense Products.

At the time I had absolutely no idea that my hair was going through detox. You can hear me explain my frustrations, I was having more frizz and hair that just wasn’t working with me in a way I was used to and blame my hair’s general butt-headedness on all the things from a kombucha rinse, to leaving a hair mask in and even protein.

In hindsight, I now know that it was detox that was causing my issues and all of the other things were what I was trying to bring me hair back to a soft hand feel.

Video Topic 2: Tips For Surviving Detox

Detoxing your hair is a lot like detoxing your diet, or skin. It occurs when there is a shift, usually to a place that is more natural and less synthetic, it takes time for the body or skin or hair to adjust to it’s new state of normalcy.

That time isn’t always noted for being beautiful and easy, moreso cleansing and step changing. In this video I share all of my tips for getting through detox without wanting to rip all your hair out and give up.

Downloadable Guide: The Detox Strategy

The Detox Sequence was designed to put some of the cleansing strategies that I discuss in this series in order from gentlest to harshest. The idea is that you can begin to move down this sequence as you move through your journey to create more space in the hair shaft for water, taking your time to flow through them as to not damage the hair.

They are fabulously hydrating because of the space they create for water and emollients to heal it.

Video Topic 3: Conscious Cleansing

This video was a bonus call in the 6th week of a Mastermind experience I had for the Consciously Curly Method Course’s class of 2020. In it, I talk about how to insert cleansing treatments into our routines in a way that was conscious about our end goal and reduced damage as much as possible.

If you have tried deeply saturation and are still not getting your hair as wet as you know it can be these are the strategies for you.

Video Topic 4: Working Through The Detox Strategy

What started as a short discussion about flash drying and build-up, because that’s what my hair was doing, turned into a full out live demonstration of how I troubleshoot build-up and work through the detox strategy to insert cleansing treatments that are just aggressive enough to work through what is blocking out hydration.

Join me as I work through build-up and create space for hydration in real time.

Video Topic 5: The Ultimate Innersense Detox

In 2020 when Innersense came out with the Detox Mask and Scalp Scrub, our Detox Challenges got dramatically easier. In this video I demonstrate how I use the Innersense Detox Mask, Scalp Scrub and Hydrating Mask to create the ultimate detox, capable of busting through all kinds of build-up without overly drying or damaging the hair.

Plust I share tons of tips for how to recognize if you hair is ready for a detox.

Video Topic 6: Apple Cider Vinegar/Kombucha Hair Rinse

This DIY cleansing treatment is incredibly gentle and it’s acidic nature truly helps to relax the cuticle and smooth and condition the hair, all while removing mild build-up and regulating the natural pH of the scalp. Lot’s of women use Apple Cider Vinegar for this rinse but I personally prefer the added benefit of live microbiome, & the empowerment from using my home brewed kombucha!

Come along as I demonstrate exactly how I use this rinse to heal and nourish my scalp

Video Topic 7: Bentonite Clay Detox

Bentonite has been used for thousands of years by the Aztecs and Egyptians as a skin, hair and digestive detox. The clay reacts with the ACV to create a super alkaline and negative polarity mask that is incredibly effective in removing heavy metals, minerals and compounds for our hair detox.

In this video I show you exactly how I make this mask, that is also good for face, foot and body detoxing, apply it to my hair and then rinse it out.

Video Topic 8: Malibu Un-Do-Goo

There is a reason why this product is used by curly hair professionals all over the world, often during a client’s first visit…it’s effective AF. The incredibly high pH forces open the cuticle much more than other clarifying shampoos. That is what makes it so effective, but it’s also what makes it quite damaging. I definitely recommend this product be used sparingly.

Watch as I use this product in line with the Detox Strategy to remove years of hard water and product build-up from my best friend’s hair.

Plus, I’ve added two new videos to the lineup this year, including a video about how to move through the Detox Sequence and another about Detox Recovery!

That’s 10 videos total!

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Each of the 10 video trainings are between 14-42 minutes long.

The majority of the videos are around 30 minutes.

They are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing, powerful energy and fresh perspective around detoxing your hair and helping it recover from conventional strategies.

There is a total of 4 hours of video content, 4 pages of written summaries and 1 homework assignment that can be repeated hundreds of time to give you new insight into build-up and how to recognize it included with this offer.

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