Certification: EcoCert Cosmos Organic

EcoCert CosmosOrganic

Helping to commercialize organic and natural cosmetics

through certification, consulting, and training services.

Committed to organic farming since its inception, Ecocert USA now offers certification in many other sectors including cosmetics, social and economic practices, and more.

Certifying Bodies inspect each of these aspects when certifying an organic or natural product:

  1. Origin and processing of ingredients
    Standards for water, minerals and ingredients of mineral origin, physically processed agro-ingredients,​ chemically processed agro-ingredients and other ingredients.
  2. Composition of total product
    How to calculate the organic content of complex ingredients and how much organic content is required in products under organic certification.
  3. Storage, manufacturing and packaging
    To ensure adequate cleanliness, hygiene and traceability throughout all processes, and to ensure that packaging respects the environment.
  4. Environmental Management
    Details the requirements for care of the environment throughout the manufacturing process, and managing, minimizing and recycling waste.
  5. Labeling and communication
    Defines comprehensive requirements for clear product labelling and company advertising, to ensure all necessary information for consumers and no misleading claims.
  6. Inspection, certification and control
    The requirements for all products, their ingredients and their manufacturing to be certified by a competent body, authorized by independent accreditation. 

Brands can certify their products for a ~$1,300 upfront fee and annual royalties of approximately 0.25-0.01% of the gross sales of that product and in return the company gains rights to market the product as EcoCert COSMOS Organic Certified.

Environmental Consideration
Ingredients Safety
Social Justice & Equality
Cruelty-Free/Wildlife Preservation



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