Brand: Ecoslay


Hair Care

Slay your look, not the planet

Ecoslay’s passion is hair care and they have truly taken on the responsibility of sharing what they’ve learned with their customers. Thy don’t simply list an ingredient like Sustainable Organic Red Palm oil, they also tell you why it’s an important decision.

Adria and her team believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. Each ingredient in their products is carefully chosen because it gets the job done AND is good for you. You don’t have to worry about reading the ingredients label (although you should!) because you can trust that we have your back.

Ecoslay has grown tremendously since they formed in 2015, yet each product is still handmade and shipped out from Adria’s kitchen and because of that you should expect about 2 weeks for your handcrafted order to arrive.

Ecoslay also has an interesting recycling program. Here’s how it works:

Here’s how you can join in the fun:
1. When you finish an Ecoslay product, send Adria an email at
2. Adria will email you a return label to send your empties back to the Ecoslay Home Base.
3. Adria will count up the empties and haul them over to LiveThrive Atlanta.
4. When we reach 500 empties, we have a FLASH SALE!

If you’d prefer to use your own recycling facility or reuse your bottles, just snap a picture of your empties and post it on IG with the tag #ecoslayrecycles.

While I love the sentiment that comes with this program, the carbon footprint of shipping the container back to Atlanta makes the effort to recycle the bottle somewhat negligent. If you have your own recycling facility or ability to re-use the container in your own home, those actions hold much more real value.

Environmental Consideration
Ingredients Safety
Social Justice & Equality
Cruelty-Free/Wildlife Preservation




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