Fall In Love With Your Curls

Let’s go ahead and get rid of everything we think we know about hair care.

It’s all wrong.

In the conventional world, we are taught to wash our hair daily, then coat our hair with layers of product. use a brush, blow dryer and flat iron to press the hair smooth and repeat. Every single friggin’ day.

(You can read more about my thoughts on convention and why it’s killing our hair in THIS blog post.)

What’s interesting about that process is that it actually doesn’t give the hair what it needs to thrive in any kind of way. What hair needs to thrive is water. I know it sounds too simple but it’s the truth.

Rather than give our hair the water it needs, conventional hair care does the exact opposite. Most of the products we love and trust are full of ingredients (like silicones, polyquats and heavy oils) that actually create a physical barrier and prevent the hair from ever making contact with water.

That strategy does only one thing: it makes you dependent on the product to get results. I talk about that a lot more in the blog post I mentioned above.

The Consciously Curly Method is designed to help you fall in love with your curls in a more natural and less damaging way.

For years I struggled with my hair. In middle school it was a brushed-out mess, and all through high school and college my attempts at having the smooth, sleek locks we are all told are beautiful were complete and utter failures.

I gave up, and when I started working in a professional environment there was nothing, I could do but wear my hair up in a messy bun every single day at work.

I knew there had to be a way to have curls like Julia Roberts, but I had NO clue how, and the few times I was able to manage them I could never duplicate the results. So, I jumped into the rabbit hole and started digging. That’s when I learned about the Curly Girl Method.

Over the years my journey has deepened. As an engineer, I am naturally curious and over the years I have truly learned everything there is to know about hair and how to keep it healthy.

Fun fact: you don’t have to stop dyeing or washing your hair to love it.

All you need it consciousness, a relentless spirit, and a couple of tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

It’s time to fall in love with your curls. Welcome to The Consciously Curly Method.

If you are ready to:

  • Forget everything you think you know about hair care
  • Discover your hair’s natural beauty
  • Depend on product a whole lot less
  • Heal your hair from years of damage and thinning
  • Design a curly routine that works for you (rather than you working for it!)
  • Sooth your scalp and grow the best hair of your life

Then you are in the right place today, my love!

Steps in the curly routine:

1 – Saturate
2 – Wash
3 – Condition
4 – Fill
5 – Seal
6 – Set
7 – Protect
8 – Refresh

** Welcome Video
** Pre-Work – Tracking Your Process
Module 1 – You Aren’t Using Enough Water
Module 2 – Factors That Impact Hydration
Module 3 – Cleansing & Detoxing
** Module 4 – Conditioning & Curl Clumping
Module 5 – Encouraging, Elongating, Filling & Sealing
Module 6 – Styling Demonstration
Module 7 – The Perfect Set
Module 8 – Protecting & Refreshing

** Filmed Live

Module 1 – Saturating

You do not have to be dependent on product anymore, and that transition and literally every single other thing about embracing healthy, natural hair has to do with hydration.

Hydration softens the hair and brings it back to a place of flexible strength that will allow it to become the soft and shiny locks we’ve always tried to create with product, heating tools and brushes.

In this module we go deep into the importance of true saturation and strategies for deeply hydrating your hair.

Module 2 – Cleansing

You may have noticed that you can do your hair the exact same way on two different ways and get completely different results.

This is because your hair changes every single day, and that is the exact reason that it will never fit neatly into whatever box we are trying to fit it in (hypothetically and literally).

In this module we go deep into a totally different way of understanding our hair: based on how it looks and more importantly, how it feels.

Once we begin to learn what our hair is telling us based on what we are feeling can learn how to create consistent results by giving out hair what it actually needs, rather than just flying on autopilot and hoping for the best.