Fall In Love With Your Curls – Module 1

Module 1 – You Aren’t Using Enough Water

Welcome to the first module Curly Girl!

I am truly proud of you for making the conscious choice to follow the desire to get to know yourself and your hair a little bit better.

In this module we are going to set the tone for this entire course, and it ALL starts with hydration!

At the start of your shower everything that you do to you hair, from the products you choose to the styling strategies your use, are done with one goal in mind: to fully and completely saturate your hair.

So dig in, have fun and don’t forget to track your progress! <3

Xoxo – Lo

*Since this video Innersense has released a Scalp Scrub that is now Lo’s preferred build-up remover, though Malibu C Un-Do-Goo is a wonderful option along with Ascorbic Acid Treatments.
** Collectively Curly is now known as The Perfecting The Process Mastermind, and naturally the prices have changed since this video was filmed in 2019 .
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You may have heard me say this before, but you’re not using enough water.

If you are having any struggles to date so far, on your journey, it is probably because you aren’t using enough water and that is why nothing else we do in this course matters until we talk about hydration…a lot.

As you begin to break the sulfate/silicone cycle and move towards products that are kinder and gentler to your hair you will find that it’s water that takes a starring role in your routine and products shift into a more supporting role.

It seems to good to be true, doesn’t it?

That something as meager and simple as water could replace the hundreds of dollars worth of products you are using, but I promise it works and there is no strategy out there that delivers healthier, more natural results.

If you are here to truly and completely embrace what can be naturally beautiful about your hair, it all starts with water.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Water softens the hair and makes it flexible, allowing it to be the soft and shiny locks we’ve always tried to create with product, heating tools and brushes.
  • With regular thorough saturations the outer layer of the hair, called the Cuticle, softens and the hair and it becomes stronger, more flexible and is less less frizz prone and brittle.
  • A soft cuticle also allows us to help control the hair’s ability to accept and hold on to the hydration that keeps it strong, flexible, soft and supple, so our hair stays hydrated longer and needs less maintenance over time.

One thing is for certain: You do not need to be dependent on products any more, and it’s because of water and all that it brings to the table

Strategies for Saturating the Hair

– Washing Upside Down:

Washing upside down is a total game changer, not just for detangling, but for scalp health, naturally hydrating your hair, protecting your curls from the shower stream, and so much more.

There is no better way to access the scalp and saturate the hair than to stand just as I am in the raking clip above, while you are doing your hair in the shower.

If you cannot go completely upside down, try side to side – draping your hair over each shoulder, or literally as close to upside down as possible and be sure, either way, to part your hair at it’s natural whirl on the crown, and focus your efforts on all areas equally, whether cleansing, conditioning or styling.

– Raking

By far the styling strategy that is most hydrating to the hair is raking.

Raking helps to not just detangle the hair, but also to ensure that every single strand is fully and completely enclosed in water and given the best possible chance to absorb hydration.

It’s the styling strategy you should be using the most when doing your hair in the shower, especially when saturating, cleansing and conditioning.

I am not overexaggerating when I say that I spend at least half of my time doing my hair using this strategy alone.

If raking through your hair is a struggle for you right from the get go, work from your ends to your roots, using just one finger at a time and keep adding water. Add some conditioner if your need to help soften the cuticle and work through any knots or tangles.

Detangling gets easier with regular, thorough, saturations.

– Gravity Method

Most of your time in the shower should be spent raking through your hair while it is upside down, but not all. Another large chunk of time should be spent making sure that you can also rake through your hair from all directions.

To do this, rotate your head 90 degrees, looking over one shoulder and allow your hair to fall naturally to one side and then drape all of the hair over one shoulder. From there, fully saturate and detangle your hair at this angle and then do the same on the other side.

In the video blow you can see me completely saturate my hair using these strategies. Watch the entire wash day in the bonus section of this course.

Curly Essentials

The very first thing a new curly should buy is not product…it’s a removable shower head and shower squeegee because if you are doing it right your shower is going to be a hot mess.

The strategies in this course work even if you are using conventional products and even if your hair has build-up (just know it will never be it’s healthiest in the long term until you do).

What you can’t begin to embrace your natural curls without is the process. The raking, the detangling, the scrunching, the flipping your hair side to side to detangle it or work product through evenly.

This is what my shower looks like when I finish styling and I am telling you right now that you will save more time and energy having a solid system for cleaning the conditioner and product off of your walls and curtain than any product in the world will save you. I promise that.

For me, the solution was a removable shower head and a simple squeegee (pictured below).

As trivial as it sounds I truly believe that these are the types of purchases that will save you on your curly journey. Not consumable products that frustrate you, but single purchased that make your life better every single day.

Not having to clean this product our of the crevices once it’s dried out and gunched together every single week is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can find all of my curly hair product recommendations in our Product Finder using the link below.

Prepare for the Future

If you have not considered or used a clarifying shampoo already, I recommend you do. Most women transitioning to ‘CGM Approved” products have long term build-up that will need to be removed.

We will go into this more in future modules but for now if you want to get ahead of the game and prepare for that time, below are some of my favorite cleansing treatments.

Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub
Ascorbic Acid
Malibu C Un-Doo-Goo
Ascorbic Acid

Your journey over the next few week can be hugely simplified by coupling one of products listed above with the deep cleansing strategies we talk about next week.

You can find all of these products on the Cleansers Page of our Product Finder using the link below.


The goal for this week will be to get used to analyzing how your hair is accepting hydration on any given day.

The first thing I want you to do the next time your get in the shower is get your hair fully and completely wet and detangled, fill it up with water and shut the water off. Take a photo of your curls. Then wait 60 seconds and take another photo.

Notice how your hair changed in both appearance and hand feel in the 60 seconds without water.

Then work water into your hair using by raking using the gravity method for 60 seconds, fill it up with water and shut the water off. Take photo, wait 60 seconds and take another photo.

Notice how your hair changed in both appearance and hand feel compared to the first time. Did your hair look more clumpy and hydrated when you first shut the water off? Did it hold that hydration better over the 60 seconds without water?

To Summarize:

  1. Completely wet and detangle you hair under the shower stream in an upside down position, then shut the water off and take a photo of your curls
  2. Count to 60 and then take another photo of your curls.
  3. Turn the water back on and rake through your hair upside down, and over each shoulder using the gravity method, and then upside down once more, working water onto the hair for at least 90 seconds. Fill it up with water, then shut the water off and take a photo of your curls.
  4. Count to 60 and then take another photo of your curls.

Journal Prompts

Some questions to consider during the saturation step of your routine:

  • How did my hair take on hydration differently during the initial saturation vs when I worked water in longer?
  • Did my hair look different after spending the time to really work it in?
  • Did it feel different?
  • How does my hair behave when water is removed in each circumstance?
  • Did it seem to dry out more quickly or hold on to it longer?


Watch this video where I show you what your hair should look like when it is soaking wet.
Link: https://consciouslycurly.com/fall-in-love-with-your-curls-bonuses/#filwyc-wet-vs-soaking-wet

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