Fall In Love With Your Curls – Module 4

Module 4 – Clumping


We know that our first goal when getting our hair wet, on a wash or wet refresh, day, is to get water into our hair shaft.

And our final goal is to get completely smooth curl clumps.

You do this by analyzing how your hair is accepting hydration.

We already know that hair that is higher in porosity struggles to hold hydration, causing the hair to need to be fully saturated and rehydrated more regularly.

Regularly Deeply Conditioning (which we will learn more about soon) the hair can help hair with chronic dehydration to soften over time, reminding the cuticle layer of the hair shaft to return to its original and natural position, laying flat on the hair shaft.

Wet Refreshes, or when the hair is fully saturated, conditioned and styled without being washed, are a wonderful tool for higher porosity hair types because they rehydrate the hair without introducing the harshness and dryness of cleansers that can cause more damage when overused.

Focusing on Filling strategies, which we will talk about more in the later modules of this course, while conditioning and styling the hair can create a barrier of product that can help the areas with very loose or missing cuticles to hold on to hydration for longer.

If your hair stays glossy and wet after 60 seconds it is an indication that water was able to penetrate the hair shaft and you can feel free to skip the exercise below and move on to conditioning and styling your curls as normal. We will dig deeper into these steps of your routine in the following weeks.


Then apply conditioner from root to end and work it through as deeply as you can using strategies such as scrunching, pulsing, roping, until your hair falls into the smoothest and softest curl clumps that you can muster and take a photo.

*This photo is your goal for what your want your hair to look like at then end of each and every condition.*

If, on some day in the future, you are unable to achieve curl clumps as soft and smooth as these – try deeper conditioning strategies like more scrunching, the bowl method, rinsing out your conditioner and doing it again, or using a deep conditioner. If you are still not able to achieve smooth and soft curl clumps like these, you may need to cleanse again, try a new cleanser, clarify or chelate to create more space for water and then come back to conditioning.