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If your hair is finer, thinner, and more easily weighed down than most you may find it difficult to get your hair soaking wet. You may get more flash drying or the appearance of wet hair that disappears quickly when the water stops, because it’s mostly beading outside.

That’s because your hair is lower in porosity, which means that your hair tends to resist hydration from truly penetrating the hair shaft.

The good news is that your hair holds onto hydration really well, so you can bet that if you spend a little extra time to fully and completely hydrate and create perfect curls on washday, you have a better chance of having curls that will last you all week!

Use one of the great cleansers below to remove any products that are blocking water out of your hair, and then pair a lightweight conditioner with lots of water and encouraging styling strategies to make sure you get water inside. Finish with a light hold products applied with encouraging and mild elongating strategies to encourage curl and lock the water inside.

You will probably find that products marketed to lighter, finer, thinner and wavier hair types work best for you.

You can learn more about these Styling Strategies inside of
The Glossary of Styling Strategies

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