Frizz To Fab- Module 1

Frizz To Fab – Module 1

Hair That Struggles to Accept Hydration

Wet Frizz



These are some of the words I have heard over the last three years by clients, professionals and our community alike, to describe hair that is dehydrated but not accepting hydration.

There is something on the hair blocking hydration out, and that something is build-up.

Build-up is normal.

Even the best hair care products in the world are designed to build up in your hair. But they are also designed to be washed away with their gentle cleansers.

The problem comes in when the compounds that are building-up are not removed.

When compounds are not removed by cleansers, which is quite common, they dry out and become hard, crystalized layers that are more difficult to remove.

Our goal for the next few days will be to see how much space there is for the hair for water, which will help us to determine if there is long term build-up that we can start to remove.

This is possible to do over the internet because we have all taken the pledge – we are using Innersense products exclusively for the duration of this course.

In your normal wash day cycle, you will begin to learn when it is time to wash your hair, based on when your hair stops accepting hydration and “frizzing out” instead of getting wet.

A visual example of hair that is blocking out vs. accepting hydration.

If your hair is still frizzing out no matter how much you saturate it, reach for your cleanser and cleanse as deeply as you can for at least 60 seconds using lots of gentle scalp massaging and scrunching to completely work the products into your scalp and roots.

Then work the cleanser out while you rinse it and continuing to massage, rake and scrunch your hair and scalp for at least another 60 seconds, paying special attention to the areas that frizzed out the most during our little experiment.

Notice your hair and what is changing while you cleanse. It is softer, harder, smoother, or more coarse? Then shut off the water and wait another 60 seconds. Take a photo.

If you hair is still immediately frizzed out and dries up it’s a sign that you cleanser is not able to remove what is blocking hydration out and you will likely have to consider your cleansing game.