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What’s up, curly girl! My name is Logan and it is my dream to hep every single woman I meet feel absolutely beautiful in her own skin…in the hair she was born with. I am SO excited for you to check out this Glossary!

When I started sharing my curly hair journey online back in 2019 I quickly realized that conversations about hair pretty much always started and ended with product. I found it incredibly frustrating because I knew there was so much more happening and was really struggling to get that idea across.

I mean, heck – there weren’t even words for most of the strategies I was doing. I made a lot of this up through conversation with our community.

When it comes to curly hair, on thing that I know for certain is that the actions that you make with your own two hands will always have more impact than the product you are using. Every. Single Time.

Over the years, as I took dozens of classes, worked with some of the most experienced and the industry and taught hundreds of clients, I created this list to bring consciousness to the power of the process for the women in my community, and help them communicate the process of their own journey with the group.

Have so much fun exploring these ideas and experimenting with your hair!