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Every single curly hair styling strategy you need to know, right at your finger tips, when you need it!

The printed version of our Glossary of Styling Strategies is BACK and better than ever. This 12 page document is literally everything you need to get started on the path to curly hair success!

What’s Inside?

  • Tips for Getting Your Started: helping you break the conventional mindset and take back your power.
  • Basic Curly Hair Strategies: An introduction to terminology commonly used throughout the curly hair world
  • Saturation Strategies: Helping you get the most out of what your hair truly needs to thrive – WATER!
  • Cleansing Strategies: Strategies to help you get that squeaky clean hair, without using harsh and toxic products.
  • Conditioning Strategies: You do not need a deep conditioner to deeply condition, here’s how you do it!
  • Styling Strategies: There are 1,000 ways to play with your hair and create different results, even when you use the same products over and over.
  • The Perfect Set: When you are styling your hair, think about it as setting your curls. You want to create them, and then lock them in place, here’s how!
  • Making Curls Last: Tons of ideas for protecting and refreshing your luscious curly locks!

Six weeks worth of detailed curly hair process trackers

Five simple tips to get started with these strategies

Full & complete Index to simplify your search

Simple diagram explaining Filling/Sealing & Elongating/Encouraging

Basic Curly Hair Terms and Saturation Strategies not included in the downloadable version