Greening Up Your Cleaning Game

Have you ever flipped over your cleaning products and read the disclaimers on the back?

It is literally scary back there, for a couple of reasons. The first is that there are often these incredibly intimidating disclaimers made in bold, but with no additional information.

Danger: Fatal if swallowed.

Warning: May be fatal if ingested

Caution: Skin and eye irritant.

Caustic: Permanent damage to the eye and skin can occur.

I’ve seen these claims on products whos instructions don’t mention wearing gloves or rinsing the product after use. It’s almost like they want us to clean with these chemicals and then just leave them on our floors and countertops for our toddlers and pets to lick off.

I personally found this concept to be incredibly confusing.

The other issue that I have with the back of the bottle, which I did not realize until many years later, is that there are no ingredients listed. None. That’s because the cleaning industry is not required to disclose ANY of their ingredients to us, the customer.

They are not required by any US law to tell us what’s in there.

I call that a red flag.

Hi! My name is Logan and about 10 years ago that is exactly what I did and that one single action started me down the rabbit hole the lead me to where I am today.

I am completely thrilled to be bringing my Greening Up Your Cleaning Game Course back to life!

The only thing in the world that I have found to be more difficult than trying to understand what the heck is inside of the cleaning products I was using, is trying to find safer ones.

Ones that don’t require danger disclaimers or cautionary statements.

On my journey to avoid the ridiculous chemicals and products out there I started making my own cleaning products back in 2013.

I’ve followed ALL of the online recipes and trust me, I have made ALL of the mistakes.

For example – did you know that when you mix vinegar and baking soda together you get….(drum roll, please)…WATER!?

I can’t tell you how many time I have made my own cleaners with those two ingredients thinking I was being crafty.

I also didn’t know that some of my seemingly harmless combinations of safe ingredients were creating finished products that were leaving me a lot worse than the store bought stuff…like Toxic Chloroform Gas and Paracetic Acid, which can be made by mixing simple ingredient that you have in your home right now, together.

Over the years I put in the work, studied the chemistry, tested hundreds of different ingredients, and now I am finally putting together all of my findings into a simple DIY cleaning course.

The Course

Module 1: Finding The Best Brands & Products Out There
I’ve tried dozens of products and over the years have become a master at figuring out which products

Module 2: The Recipe Vault
Gain access to all of my true and tried DIY cleaning recipes including an All Purpose Cleaner, Disinfecting Spray, Furniture Polish, Upholstery Cleaner, Shower Mist, Cleaning Towelettes (think Clorox Wipes), Window Cleaner, Toilet Bombs, Deodorizing Bombs and so much more!

Module 3: Your Cleaning Arsenal
In this module we will set the foundation for your confidence when it comes to creating a cleaner that best suits you and your needs. Learn the only 12 ingredients that you need to clean your home for pennies on the dollar compared to what you buy in stores by understanding the positives, negatives and any existing safety risks or concerns about ingredients such as vinegar, alcohol, borax, baking soda, lemon juice, soap nuts and so much more.

Module 4: Disinfecting Vs Cleaning
When it comes to making your own cleaners, it is important to recognize the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Once you define your goal and intention for the cleaner you are making (i.e. removing grease from an oven vs disinfecting the countertop from raw chicken), you can select the ingredients that will fit the job.

Module 5: Toxic Cocktails and Combinations
Understand the ingredients in your arsenal in a way that will give you the upmost confidence to start making your own DIY cleaning recipes. In this module you will learn which ingredients you absolutely should not mix together due to the creation of toxic fumes and solutions.

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