Certification: Made Safe

Made Safe

A comprehensive human health and ecosystem-focused certification for nontoxic products.

Their goal is to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals altogether by it easy for people to find and buy products made without known toxic chemicals, give companies a road map for making safe products and make it easier for retailers to select safer products for their stores.

MADE SAFE® screens ingredients against their Ingredient Database of known harmful chemicals, which is made up of thousands of chemicals found on scientifically authoritative lists from organizations and agencies around the world.

This database screens for thousands of ingredients from authoritative “red lists” from around the world, to ensure that no ingredient is a known: behavioral toxin, carcinogen, developmental toxin, endocrine disruptor, flame retardant, GMO, heavy metal, neurotoxin, high risk pesticide, reproductive toxin, toxic solvent or harmful VOC along with nanoparticles and synthetic biology.

They then go above and beyond to examine ingredients for bioaccumulation, persistence, and general and aquatic toxicity.

The MADE SAFE®(Made With Safe Ingredients™) Screening Process to determine that all raw ingredients used to make a given product are deemed safe and have been vetted by an independent third party to ensure that none of the stated ingredients are known to cause human health harm.

Brands who have undergone certification report that they learn from the MADE SAFE process and are proud to bestow our seal on their products.

Screening is conducted every three years and annual fees start $6,000 and increase to $30,000+.

Environmental Consideration
Ingredients Safety
Social Justice/Equality
Cruelty-Free/Wildlife Preservation



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