15 years ago I started my journey to sustainability by washing my plastic zip-loc bags and reusing them. That was my contribution, and it felt really friggin’ good.

I could see my impact hanging right there in the kitchen.
I was making a difference.

Over the years I got more curious. I started learning about topics like the plastic epidemic, the illusion of recycling, mass consumerism, fast fashion, indoor air quality, and the toxic ingredients in conventional products across all industries.

Year after year I became more horrified and each time I learned something new I committed to doing things different. It happened slowly for me, in a way that felt incredibly organic.

I am living proof that small steps compound over time.

Five years ago I went live for 1,460 days in a row to share what I’d learned, and through that experience I build one of the best communities on Earth, The Curly Connections.

Now, we are taking things next level. I am consolidating all my information, both eco and curly, into an evergreen format that is both easy to navigate and understand.

This is where you will get the information you are looking for without having to dig through my archives and watch 800 live stream video replays.

This is where you will work hand in hand with your own personal sustainability strategist to CREATE THE FLOW AND EASE YOU HAVE BEEN SEEKING ON YOUR JOURNEY.

The Season of Sustainability

When you enroll in the Mastermind you become a member of the exclusive Season of Sustainability community. Your number one resource for all things sustainable.

This groups is designed to help you get the information you need to make the most informed choices of your life with full confidence. Period.

Complete with a directory of brand certifications and ingredients information library, you’ll learn to read labels and trust products like the true boss you are. Plus – every single post and video will be categorized into topics for easy navigating in the future.

You can ask any questions, any time, will be surrounded by an intimate community of like-minded women in a sacred space to continue your journey finding the right steps for you and you family.

Awakening A Million People,

Emily Jean Blatt

Wow!!! I am so seriously impressed by the amount of information Logan has on living naturally and toxin free and being a friend to the environment!! It can seem intimidating to start this journey of getting away from traditional products but Logan provides such helpful information that makes me actually want to do all of these things and believe that I can!!

Karen Sadr

Logan has been such a wealth of information to me in so many ways. She has helped me learn more about living green than I ever thought possible, and I considered myself pretty well versed on the subject. I worked with her over several training calls and she was extremely helpful in guiding me. I am glad someone out there that cares as much as Logan does about helping people learn more about getting rid of harmful chemicals and harmful practices.

Eva Taylor

Logan Spring is a wealth of knowledge. She really goes above and beyond in not only her thorough research but also in helping her clients live a cleaner, greener and healthier lifestyle in a way that best fits them personally, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. I love her unbiased approach. Couldn’t say enough great things about her.



Unlock your most awakened state of mind in a safe space where you can explore your impact and further your journey through healthy discussions, trainings & face to face calls.


Make living more sustainably life easier than ever with weekly trainings filled with simple steps for living a more eco and sustainable lifestyle without the headache.


Think of this mastermind as both a personal shopping experience, but also a resources at your fingertips that helps you grow into your abilities to research on your own with confidence.

This experience is for you if…

You’ve had a SUSTAINABLE CALLING and you desire to make an IMPACT IN THE WORLD.

You want to leave a healthy planet for FUTURE GENERATIONS, but aren’t sure how.

You feel like no matter how hard you try, your efforts are NEVER ENOUGH to make a real difference.

You question the LABELS YOU READ and the companies you buy from, but find them OVERWHELMING and CONFUSING.

You often DOUBT YOUR ABILITIES to find safer, greener and cleaner products and DITCH PRODUCT DEPENDENCY.

You are feeling EXHAUSTION & CONTENTION when incorporating more sustainable actions into your family’s lifestyle.



Supportive Community

Hi, I’m Logan!

I am so excited you stumbled upon this experience. This community is a dream I’ve had for years.

It’s been an incredible journey to becoming a Industrial Engineer, Masters of Business and Entrepreneurship, Certified Greenbelt in Six Sigma, Sustainable Strategist and Curly Hair Expert.

My life wasn’t always sustainable…

Like so many, I used all the plastic and dozens upon dozens of products laced with fragrance and toxins I had no clue existed.

At the age of 22, I was awoken. As a young engineer I started seeing what was really happening and the truth scared me into a deep depression that lasted more years than I can count.

Today, I live a nearly zero waste lifestyle, use the best products in the world and spend less than ever doing it.

I can’t wait to help you embrace you’re most conscious you!

What You Get

  • I Read Labels For You – any product or brand you have questions about, anytime you need answers. I will do the research and report back with my findings.
  • Conscious Consumption 101 – in this 4 part training series I show you how to spot greenwashing from a mile away, understand what words are and are not regulated on product packaging, how to read and research ingredients labels like a boss and how to afford the best of the best of what’s out there without spending any more than you are right now.
  • Monthly Sustainability Mini-Series – Each month we will deep dive into a sustainability topic of your choice and help you decipher the tricks of the trade.
  • Directory of Brand Certifications – a list of logos and symbols you can trust and with full and complete definitions of what they mean.
  • Library of Ingredients – an ever expanding list of ingredients, their safety concerns how you can spot them at your fingertips, and ready to keep you informed at all times.
  • Quarterly Challenges – 4 times a year We will be hosting a 30 days challenge where you can expect daily training posts and videos to help you master specific sustainable and/or curly hair goals.
  • Round Robin Q&A Calls – Once a month we will all hop on Zoom and talk all things sustainability, plus I’ll be answering any and all questions!
  • Weekly Demonstrations & Trainings – Once a week I’ll be live with a curly hair demonstration or training video on topic with our monthly focus.
  • Incredible Discounts – Receive 20% off all courses and consultations just for being a Mastermind member!
  • Refer A Friend Bonuses
  • Locked into your rate for life, no matter what!


Join in July as a founding member and receive a complimentary 40 minute consultation to use before the mastermind officially opens on August 1st!

I Read Labels For You

If you have ever flipped over the packaging of a product to try and figure out what’s in it, and felt lost, then you are going to love having the ability to have an extra set of eye balls looking out for you. Make a post any day, any time and I will research the company and ingredients within 48 hours and get back to you with my thoughts of product safety, company transparency, and environmental impact, no questions asked!

Julie Masella

When Logan offers a Mastermind – GET IN! They are so, so, so, SO valuable! Lo has this way of explaining complex topics so simply and she inspires you into action right away!

Laura Van Voorst

The mastermind has created a total shift in my thinking and understanding. If the opportunity arises and Lo offer’s another one I couldn’t recommend it enough! Don’t wait!!

Conscious Consumption 101

Exclusive Access to the 4 part training series

Finding Brands You Trust: Learn how to spot the most deceiving websites and product packaging out there as I show you the games companies play to make you think their products are greener, cleaner, safer and more sustainable than they are.

Labeling and Packing Requirements: Understand, once and for all, what words and statements are and are not regulated and allowed on the packaging on your products. Which words means something, and which are just marketing (spoiler alert: 99% are for marketing purposes only)

Researching Ingredients Like A Boss: My 3 step system for researching all of the ingredients in any product out there, all at once, to understand their safety and long term health effects. Plus I show you how to research Curly Girl Friendly products and so much more.

Use Better, Spend Less: Discover the lost art of making do with what you have, needing less than what you think and breaking away from conventional strategies that are keeping you constantly consuming.

The only place you can get access to the 4 part training series is in this mastermind.

Monthly Sustainability Focus & Weekly Trainings

Each month you will help to direct the conversation so that our weekly trainings and posts deep dive into topics you care about. Here are just some of the topics we will be consider covering in the first year of our mastermind:

Responsible Recycling
Cleaner Indoor Air
Using Less Plastic
Raising Chickens

Non-Toxic Cleaners
Slowing Down Fashion
Cooking w/ Vegetables
Living Off The Land

Creating Less Waste
Ditching Paper Towels
Indoor Gardening
Embracing the Outdoors

There is a new mastermind coming up and I am SOOO excited to be part of this experience once again!

Logan pours her heart and SOUL into these.

I expect to have so many more “Ah HA!” moments even still!! I sure hope you will join us and get to experience the “Ah Ha!” moments yourself.

So why join the Mastermind?

If you are a science nerd you will love it. I wanted to understand all the things. Beware, Lo loves to geek out when she talks ingredients.

Lo’s “why” lights my soul on fire. I love that she wants to help women feel beautiful and live more sustainably while they do it!

I just wanted to say thank you to Logan Spring.

The Mastermind has been amazing! I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time.

I had, hands down, my Best. Wash. Day. Ever. yesterday. I think it’s the culmination of lots of little tweaks and simply being more aware of the process…But regardless, I’m thankful.

Quarterly Challenges

If you have ever done a 30 days challenge with us, you know how much fun they are! With daily trainings videos and posts to keep you accountable and progressing, there are by far the most popular part of what we do here in Consciously Curly!

Now we have our own private space to focus for the challenges where we can move through them together and find content more easily! Our first challenge will be selected by the members of the mastermind and begin in October 2022.

I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been working on!


Choose the subscription option that is right for you!

BONUS: Join in July as a founding member and receive a complimentary 40 minute consultation to use before the mastermind officially opens on August 1st!


If you decide the Mastermind isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund.


When does the Mastermind start?

The Mastermind will open to new members on August 1st.

What is the Mastermind?

The mastermind is a monthly subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to your sustainability journey. You can think of me as your sustainability strategist.

I’ll be providing a personal shopping experience mixed with self empowerment coaching through weekly trainings, monthly coaching calls, quarterly curly hair challenges, and providing you with resourceful libraries, directories, product guides and all of which will be posted and organized in our private Facebook group.

There is also a members portal on our website where you have access to exclusive content – such as the Conscious Consumption 101 trainings and daily prompts for our quarterly curly hair challenges – along exclusive pricing on my courses and consultations, and so much more!

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no tricks or gimmicks when it comes to canceling. There is a simple button you tap in your Members Portal and as long as it is 24 before the next monthly’s billing it will process in time.

Is the mastermind for me?

If there is a yearning in your heart to use better products, do more for Momma Earth, and spend less while you do it, but feel constantly frustrated in your effort to do so, the mastermind will give you the tools that you need to move forward with confidence. Plus, you’ll have me – and a journey of the smartest women you will ever meet – as your sustainable support system. The Mastermind is for anyone who wants to move forward on their journey to sustainability and live a more simple life – whether you’ve been doing this for years or are just getting started.

How much of my time does the mastermind require?

That is completely and totally up to you! I’m offering you two options – you can create this mastermind and shape our content live with my, in our Facebook group, or you can reap the rewards when it’s all organized and available in our member’s portal just a bit afterward.

The choice is yours.