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This photo of me was taken in May of 2005, at my high school graduation.

Since that time over one third of ALL of the world’s fossil fuel based CO2 emissions have occurred. Over half have occurred since 1990.

In my lifetime we have also consumed over one third of all of the Earth’s natural resource space.

… I think that sort of gives you an idea of how fast we are racing in the wrong direction.

Before I started Consciously Curly I spent 7 years working in manufacturing as an Industrial Engineer, and I saw first hand the real impact of big business and it frightened me.

I realized during that time, that our society had become centrally and totally focused on consumption.

Nothing lasts, everything is disposable, and the true consequences of the system, things like the incredible pollution, emissions, poor living conditions and waste our system creates are completely hidden from our view by being sent over seas.

Once I saw the truth I couldn’t look away.

Let me just run a few numbers by you that really grind my gears:

The trash we put on the curb each week is only 1.4% of total landfill contribution. The rest comes from manufacturing and other industries.

We only use 2% of the items we purchase today in 6 months. 98% is garbage by then.

There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals used in commerce today and only a handful have ever been tested for health impacts.

I’ve spent the last decade immersed in the truth of what is now known as consumerism.

Consumerism: The social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods in ever-increasing amounts.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning about products, especially the ones that we use on our skin and in our homes. It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots between what we were buying and how we were feeling.

My curiosity lead me to completely revolutionize everything that has to do with the products that I purchase, from what I truly need, to how much I buy and who I buy from.

I’ve made it my mission to find products that both are versatile (so I can buy in bulk and use for many tasks) and made by a company that actually gives a damn.

I created this list of products I love and use ALL of the time as a simple way to share with you the best of what I’ve found on my journey.

These are the products that will change the world!


True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub


Meli Glow Mask

Bluh Alchemy

Botanic Retinol

Ere Perez

Beetroot Lip Stain

My Green Fills

Laundry System

Bathing Culture

Mind & Body Wash


I Create Lift Foam

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