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This page is updated regularly with all of the current deals and discounts that I find on our favorite products, brands and third party retailers!

Beauty Heroes

Brand New Offer!

15% off your discovery membership!

Consciously Curly Exclusive: Get 15% off all Discovery Memberships with code “LOGAN15”

The Beauty Heroes Discovery Membership is unlike anything else I have ever seen. It is designed to slow down the process of discovering the clean beauty world, getting rid of the overwhelm. It’s not about sending you dozens of products, the focus on helping you find your unicorn jam sauce…they send best of the best.

Jeanie has the strictest ingredients standards of them all. Each and every company is environmentally and socially conscious in every way. She’s done the work for us.

This membership feels like a slow breath.

Each month you receive just a few skincare items all from one company. So you get to know them…see if you love them. To see if they spark curiosity in you.

That covers the skin care

Then you receive a private store where you receive 15% off every single item for as long as you are a member. Everyday, no matter what.
Use code “LOGAN15” to save 15% on yours today!

Learn more about why I love Beauty Heroes HERE


Exclusive Community Discount Code. 15% off the entire store!
Use code “CONSCIOUSLYCURLY” at checkout
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Exclusive Community Code. 15% off the entire store. Always!
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Misfits Market

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Swift Fox Clothing

Exclusive Community Code. 10% off the entire store. Always!
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The Perfect Haircare

Exclusive Community Coupon. 15% off your entire order. Always!
Use code “CURLYTOWEL15”
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Thrive Market

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Truly Free

Here is the current offer from my favorite laundry company!
After the Initial purchase you are able to custom select the exact items you need. Think of the first purchase as like a sample pack to learn what you like.

My favorite Laundry Starter Kit includes 100 loads of my favorite laundry wash for just $49!
Tap the photo to claim this offer
Learn more about why I love TrulyFree HERE

Who Gives A Crap

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