My biggest accomplishments in life is how much I’ve learned about the unsustainable business practices used to make so many of the products we are expected to bring into our home. The journey to living sustainability took me years, decades even when I really think about it.

The toxic chemicals being used, waste that is being created and relentless desire of a small few to earn obscene amounts of money at any costs is what fuels me. I don’t do this to live forever, or to ‘save the planet’ (spoiler alert: she can save herself and has done so many times in the past) I do this because it is the right thing to do for us, for humans, for mankind.

My Mission

Ex-product addict and mass consumer connoisseur gone homesteader, van lifer and minimalist on a mission to simplify the process of living more sustainably. This is simple, they just don’t want you to believe that it is.

Have you noticed that most things in life, from our food to our dishwasher, have become more affordable over time? Have you also noticed that everything breaks so much faster?? A vintage stovetop from the 1950s still works 70 years later but your high end Electrolux range stove kicks the bed in 10 years or less and can’t be fixed.

It’s intentional.

The idea is to keep us consuming. All of our products are given a reduced upfront cost but only half of the functional lifespan. In the long run we spend more the same exact result and they make more profit, plus there’s more waste. It helps big business profits and your countries Gross Domestic Product (GPD – a standard measure of governmental success).

I believe in teaching you how to slow down and use what you have. How to look at a product and know that it’s worthy of being in your home. That it’s safe, that it works, that it’s not wasteful, and most importantly that is comes from a company that stands for what’s right.

I know how to figure out you and your family’s expectations and help you find solutions that fit into your lifestyle.

Why You Can Trust Me:

  • Bachelors in Industrial Engineer (i.e. professional problem solver)
  • Masters in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship
  • 20+ years of industry experience
  • 10+ years of sustainable living
  • Thousands of hours on research and peer review
  • Coached over 200 sustainability clients

The Holy Grail of Products!

My Journey to Living More Consciously

These are the first few moments I can remember myself awakening. I was starting to realize that life isn’t just about working a job you’re okay with, paying your bills and going through the motions.

It’s about collecting a series of beautiful moments that you can be proud of, and I was missing a lot of them.

Daily Sustainability Tips & Tricks

Every single day I share the behind the scenes of my sustainable lifestyle.

From conscious consumption, creating less waste, and creating a non toxic home, to traveling lightweight, exploring the wilderness and homesteading the yard I share with my parents, I am putting my life on camera and sharing it with you all in my social media stories.

You can access them and follow along with my journey at any time by tapping the Profile picture of the Consciously Curly Facebook or Instagram page.

Instagram Highlights

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Instagram has an amazing feature which allows me to save and categorize the sustainable strategies that I share everyday.

Now you can brows through dozens of topics and see everything that I’ve shared about them over the years.


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Eco Consultations

I can promise you that I am not like any other environmentalist you’ve encountered.
I know how to make this journey simple. I know how to help you read labels, find the right products and design simple solutions for creating a more sustainable home that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle

Let’s see if we mesh!

These 15 minute discovery calls are the perfect space for us to get to know each other and there is plenty of time for you to to ask any questions you’d like!

Greening Up Your Cleaning Game

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The perfect 12-week program is designed to help you through each step of your curly hair journey. and design a routine that works for you.