What’s On The Label

In the food and personal care industries, companies are required by law to print a complete List of Ingredients on their products. The ingredients must be listed in order of predominance with the ingredients used in the greatest amount printed first followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts. 

Here is what I found when I flipped over the bottle of Fat Free Ranch and compared it to Hidden Valley’s regular ranch (which is what I thought I was eating, just without the fat…somehow…).

Why Are Sulfates (all of a sudden) An Issue?

It works by creating and releasing an oil called Sebum. It’s lipid-rich substance favors the growth of wide range of microbes which in turn hydrolyze triglycerides and release free fatty acids onto the skin. The released fatty acids create a protective barrier and contribute to the acidic pH of the skin, inhibiting the growth of many common pathogens suchContinue reading “Why Are Sulfates (all of a sudden) An Issue?”

What is DMDM?

The problem is that you will never see Formaldehyde listed as an ingredient in the products you use in your home. That is because there are ingredients out there that actually chemically decompose into formaldehyde in the presence of water. That means that companies can add them to a product, any product, that contains water,Continue reading “What is DMDM?”