The Hydration Series

In my years of working with curly women from across the world there is just one thing that I know for is absolutely certain:

You aren’t using enough water.

Over the years I have learned that the only way to truly understand what your hair feels like when it is totally saturated is for you to take the time to discover it yourself. You have to feel what your hair feels like when there is absolutely nothing blocking water out.

The Hydration Series is where it happens.
If you:

  • have started the curly girl method and aren’t seeing results
  • find your hair in a matted tangled mess, even with conditioner
  • are constantly fighting frizz
  • notice your hair looks damp, greasy, or heavy when it’s dry
  • have a lack of luster and shine in your locks

Then I’d be willing to bet it’s because water is being blocked out.

Have you noticed that you change your favorite hair products every year or so?
– Here’s a hint, it’s not because you just happened to find something better.

Whether you realized it or not whatever products you were using before stopped working over time, super slowly. You probably didn’t even notice.

– That’s build-up –

It happens because most cleansers don’t remove all hair products from the hair? They do it on purpose, believe it or not.

Here’s the thing, the ingredients in conventional cleansers are so harsh that if a layer of product wasn’t left on the hair to smooth it you would probably never use that cleanser again.

Conventional products have to leave a layer of product in your hair each and every wash so you don’t feel the damage that is actually being created.

But that’s not all. Other things build-up too. Environmental toxins like smoke, hard water and air pollution and so much more build-up over time too!

It happens really, really slowly forming layers deep within the hairshaft. Most of we don’t even see it happening.

If you are struggling with:

  • Heavy, weighed down hair
  • Excessive frizz
  • Flash drying
  • Trying endless products
  • Hair that is hard to detangle
  • Matted, tangled locks
  • Greasy or oily scalp/hair
  • Lack of luster & shine
  • Sticky or tacky feeling
    Lifeless, dull hair

The Hydration Series is designed to help you reveal your hair’s truest and most organic self so that you can begin to understand what it truly needs once all of the distractions and build-up is removed.

In this 6 module course, you will learn how to

  • Recognize build-up and what it feels like.
  • Fully and completely saturate your hair without the use of product.
  • Cleanse the hair effectively without causing damage.
  • Expedite the detox process to help remove long term build-up quickly.
  • Master the art of knowing what your hair needs based on hand feel.

I’m fresh out of the shower in both of these pictures! Crazy to believe, right? What’s even crazier is that I thought my hair was wet in the top photograph.


When I look at that photo now, I see hair that is DESPERATE for moisture.

My biggest “ah-ha” moment?

Finding out that WATER is key, and that my cabinet was full of products that were BLOCKING it from getting into my hair.

By looking for hope at the bottom of all of those bottles [a Consciously Curly Logan slogan], I wasn’t even giving myself a chance!! To think that I hated my hair because of a void in my hair care knowledge is mind blowing.

~ Kartina Jones

Basically the ONLY real change?? WATER. I don’t do upside down, or pineapples or satin pillow cases or any of that stuff. I still have to diffuse and scrunch, but lots of water has been added to my routine. The results are healthy curls that I’m so much happier with! If this doesn’t attest to how important water is, I don’t know what does!

~ Leslie Muis

This is my first dry refresh for a work day in literally AGES and it looks better than some of my wash or total wet refresh days.

I think that’s because 1) I’m continuing to focus on water and 2) I have WAY less product in my hair because I’m only using two stylers.

This challenge may be the best thing I’ve done so far on this journey! Thank you, Logan!”

~ Laura Buchanan

Week 1 – You Aren’t Using Enough Water

You may have heard me say this one before. It was true then and chances are it’s still true now. In this video we break down long term build-up, where it comes from, and what you need to do to begin recognize and remove it.

Week 2 – Noticing Subtle Changes in Wetness

The only way to understand what your hair will feel like when all of the build-up is removed and it is finally, truly saturated, is to feel what it feels like every single day between now and then, and notice the subtle differences. With persistence and patience, this is how you will encounter your own hydration breakthrough.

Week 3 – Saturating Stubborn Hair

This portion of the course is all about how to approach and manage hair that is still fighting to accept hydration. We cover styling strategies to saturate sticky, tacky, coarse, tangled, and matted hair to truly begin to soften the cuticle and begin to create space for water inside of the hair shaft.

Week 4 – The Long Term Curly Mindset

This is where we begin to truly trust our intuition and start to design our approach to our hair each day based on what we are seeing and feeling. As we begin to discover the long term build-up melt away and reveal our hair in it’s most naked form, we can start to nurture it back to health using these strategies of total hair health.

Week 5 – Mastering Hand Feel

Once all of the distractions and chaos of long term build-up are gone, you can start to get to know your hair for what it really is. Understanding what your hair needs on any given day is a true artform, and takes persistence and patience to perfect your craft. In this module I help you to design your day-to-day curly routine based on what you are seeing and feeling each morning.

Week 6 – Conscious Cleansing

In this module we introduce strategies to reduce the potential for long-term build up by introducing product and designing an intentional cleaning routine that actually works. I introduce you to the idea of removing build-up in layers while reducing your hair’s exposure to harsh ingredients, and show you how to prevent those layers from forming using conscious strategy in your wash day routine moving forward.

The Detox Sequence Series: Full & complete access to all five videos.

Video Topic 1: Understanding Detox and How to Remove it In Layers (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 2: How to Balance pH and Remove Build-Up with Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha Hair Rinses (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 3: What is an Ascorbic Acid and How Can it be Used as a Detox with Live Demonstration (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 4: How to Use Bentonite Clay to As A Hair Cleansing and Skin Detox Treatment (Valued at $99)

Video Topic 5: Tying It All Together: A Live Example of Build-Up Removal in Three Steps (Valued at $149)

The Difference Between Wet and Soaking Wet: A 25 minute live demonstration training on notice the subtle differences in the wetness of your hair.

Raking Is Not The Same As Detangling: A 17 minute live demonstration training emphasizing the significance and importance of mastering raking.

An Intro To Hand Feel: A 14 minute live demonstration training about trusting you instinct and basing your decisions based on how your hair is feeling.

Cleansing Ingredient Analysis: Exclusive access to a 45 minute zoom bonus call with my mastermind where we discussed the safety and effectiveness of various ingredients commonly used in hair care products.

Rae Hedlund

This group had seriously changed my hair.

Logan has encouraged me to try several new methods that focus on water, and the improvement is seriously amazing!

Jane Mitchell

I’ve learned over the last 12 days that I haven’t been getting enough water into my hair due to build-up and not paying attention.

I can tell a HUGE difference in how hydrated my hair is.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20200228_HydrationSeries_TestimonialGraphic_Susanne.png

Thank you so much, Logan!
I’ve taken many curly hair courses and this Masterclass is by far the best!
~ Susanne Grausen

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