Hair Care: Thick & Thirsty

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Recommendations for Thick & Thirsty Hair Types

That means that your hair is thicker, more coarse, and has lots is strength, but you may be finding that it becomes easily dried out and can lack hydration.

The goal with product is going to be to help your hair hang on to hydration for as long as it can.

This is done by cleansing and conditioning deeply, and then focusing on trapping the water inside of the hair shaft with products that we call “fillers” (generally creams, foams, serums, etc.) coupled with encouraging styling strategies. Then smooth the hair shaft with products that we call “sealers” (typically gel) coupled with elongating styling strategies.

Generally you will find that products marketed as ultra hydrating, strong hold or catered towards thick curls and coils work best for your hair.

You can learn more about Encouraging and Elongating Styling Strategies inside of
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Here are Consciously Curly’s Product Recommendations for Thick & Thirsty Hair Types






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