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The 30 day Trust your Innersense Detox Challenge is designed to help you get back to basics, and find ease in your routine. But first, we have to start telling ourselves the truth.

The truth is that conventional products create a perpetual state of product dependency and hair damage that never truly allows your hair to thrive. In their effort to provide short term results to the masses, they are sacrificing the overall health of your hair and scalp.

You see, most people, using most products, are caught in a catch-22, of sorts.

Let me explain.

The conventional products used in hair care today are filled to the brim with plasticizing ingredients designed to make the hair look smooth, shiny, soft, and healthy, even when it isn’t.

It’s a scam.

These ingredients are designed to coat the hair and disguise it’s natural hand feel, doing nothing more than giving the appearance of total hair health, while at the very same time decimating any true chance of healthy hair actually existing.

These ultra stripping cleansers are ravishing to the health of the hair, yet highly effective at removing just enough build-up to allow the process to be repeated, so that the next layer of build-up can adhere.

The over-drying effect of these harsh cleansing agents, which are recommended for daily use, lead us to become more dependent on the synthetic conditioning agents that caused the problem in the first place.

Meanwhile, most of us spend a serious portion of our lives believing lies about how horrible our hair would be without these products.

Round and round we go, using coating products to hide the damage that the system itself is creating, and then damaging our hair even more by washing them out with the same detergents that mechanics use to wash thick layers of grease off of automobile engines.

We are over here struggling with chronic frizz, constant tangles, scalp scabbing, flaking, over-oiling, and more hair loss than ever – not even noticing that it is our products sending us into this tailspin.

The system is designed this way.

I am here today to tell you that this is not the only way.

When you stop using products that build-up…
When you start cleaning with gentle consciousness…
When you start noticing what your hair feels like when there is room for hydration…
…everything changes.


This is where the 30-day, Trust Your Innersense Detox Challenge comes in. Starting June 1st, we are going to write a new story. A story about self assurance, radical confidence, and thriving energy.

This challenge is an opportunity to invite radical change into your life, your mind, and your soul. The amazing hair at the end is just a bonus.


  • stop fighting your hair
  • transition to safer products
  • remove a lifetime of build-up
  • give your hair a fresh, clean slate
  • set your hair free from conventional damage
  • listen to the quite voice inside, and trust it go guide you
  • reduce frizz, increase definition. and get more consistent results

Over two hundred women from our community have already commited to using hair care products by Innersense Organic Beauty exclusively for 30 days. By controlling the products we use for just one month, we will be eliminating a massive source of potential damage, and shifting our focus to complete and total hair health.

We are going to see what your hair can do when it is finally set free from build-up.
(Spoiler alert – it’s probably a lot more than you think!)

As your hair is healing from convention, I’m going teach you everything I know about hair damage, the science of product formulation, strategies for trusting your intuition, and how to shift from fighting, to supporting, your hair.

It’s time to make this easy.

Join us as we detox our hair together, share our experiences, document our journey, and cheer each other on!

May 2nd, 2021

June 1st, 2021

With May coming to an end, so is the Trust Your Innersense Detox Mastermind.

This month I learned so much about how to wash my hair with consciousness and really think about what techniques I was using during washing and styling. I started focusing on how to get and keep water in my hair, and great curly results followed!

I LOVE that through learning what tools to use, I was actually just learning to trust myself, the science of how products actually work, and notice what my hair needs. I was able to finally break through the years of crystalized product that build up that was stuck in my hair from a lifetime of drug store products and silicones. I was able to detangle my hair with just water and my own two hands, and stopped having those disasters that only a brush can get through.

I can be more intuitive now that I have this understanding. Step by step I’m a healthier, happier person. Loving myself for me. For what my hair/body/natural self actually are.

Ashley Allen Jensen

May 13th, 2021

June 1st, 2021

Before meeting Logan and doing this mastermind, my spending on hair care products alone was close to $800 per year. I would buy product after product tying to figure out what to use with what, and ended up with a bathroom full of half used bottles and hair that looked like the photo on the left. In just 3 weeks (I joined the challenge late) I was able to uncover the best hair of m life, and will be booking one-on-one consultations with Logan immediately after making this post!

Eileen Tolove

May 2nd, 2021

July 24th, 2021

My journey to healthy hair started with the Detox Challenge Mastermind, those 30 days changed my life. I learned how to stop fighting my hair and started accepting it, and myself, for what it is. Since then my life has changed in so many ways, and so much of that has to do with my hair and how easy it has become. I feel beautiful when I look in the mirror no matter what, now, and that is something I will be forever grateful to Logan for.”

Vanda Graca

We use Innersense for this challenge because I know for an absolute fact that their Hair Baths fully and completely remove each and every one of their Conditioning and Styling products.

This is significant, because it eliminates the single most frustrating component of the curly hair struggle: long term build-up, and allows us to see what is really happening.

Without this factor at play you will be able to uncover the truth of your hair, without all the plasticizers coating it like the make-up that they are. This freedom will allow us to make decisions based on how your hair is behaving when water isn’t being blocked out of the hair shaft, hydrating your hair to the core for what may be the very the first time.

Then, I can show members of the Mastermind how to recognize what build-up feels like, so that you know in the future when it’s happening, and can confidently work through any build-up you may experience in the future.

The idea of this challenge is not for you to use Innersense exclusively, for the rest of your life. It is to help you learn how to recognize what build-up, and healthy hair, feel like, so that you can move forward on your journey to the best hair of your life truly empowered and able to trust yourself.

The mastermind is where lifelong transformation happens. The concepts and strategies discussed in this space will help you break convention into tiny little pieces, and learn to trust yourself and your instincts, no matter the occasion.

You won’t just learn how to remove build-up, which is the sole and primary focus of the free Detox Challenge, in the Mastermind you will also learn what build-up feels like, how to know when it’s happening, and a flawless five step system for removing it while causing the least amount of damage to your hair as possible.

You will be equipped with a tool box of methods and strategies that will allow you to give yourself a clean slate anytime your hair starts acting funny.

On top of participating in the FREE 30-day Trust Your Innersense Challenge, members of the mastermind will also receive:

  • Four Exclusive, Live Video Trainings to enhance your challenge experience (total value $400)
  • A One-on-One Consultation with Lo that can be used any time during the challenge ($88 value)
  • Weekly round robin group Q&A Calls (total value $200)
  • All of the Trust Your Innersense learning posts delivered right to your inbox. ($100 value)

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