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Most hair care products are filled with coating products called plasticizers, which are designed to melt on the hair and make it look smooth, shiny, sexy and healthy, even when it isn’t.

It’s a scam.

They create a perpetual state of product consumption and hair damage
that never truly allows your hair to thrive. When you use them, it becomes impossible to tell what your hair hair likes, what is working, and what is not, because it is not even your hair that you are seeing and feeling – it’s all the stuff on top and stuck inside it.

This is where the free, 30-day, Trust Your Innersense Detox Challenge comes in.

Like any detox, removing toxins takes time. In hair care, build-up often forms in layers, which generally need to be removed one-by-one. Slowly, over time. Starting June 1st, we are going to Detox our hair together in our annual Trust Your Innersense Detox Challenge!

Join me and thousands of other women inside of the Curly Connections Facebook Group as we pledge to use botanically based products by Innersense Organic Beauty exclusively for 30 days, rid our hair of toxins and synthetic ingredients, share our experiences, document our journey, and cheer each other on!

The waitlist is closed because enrollment is open!!

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