Fall In Love With Your Curls

  • Does your hair feel like a constant battle you never win?
  • Are you in constant fear about how your hair is going to turn out?
  • Do you feel a touch of anxiety before you look in the mirror?
  • Buried and overwhelmed by fizziness and endless tangles?
  • Do you feel like you were simply not meant to have great hair?
  • Or feel guilty for not using the huge pile of products you already have?
  • Have you found your hair can’t grow past a certain length?
  • Does unexpected or extreme weather (i.e. summer, winter, high humidity, etc.) throws your entire routine off?
  • Or do you simply believe that there is room for improvement with your hair?

Or, at least that used to be me.
For most of my life these feelings were very, very real to me.
I’ve been there.

I experimented with thousands of products. I’ve flat ironed my hair every single day for years. Lived for months on end with my hair in a mess bun. Had to re-wet or re-wash my hair every single day just to make it look decent. I’ve tried all of the treatments: keratin for smoothing, chemical straighteners for frizz, perms for consistency, Olaplex for strength and deep conditioners to heal.

I’ll never forget the day I finally decided things had to change.

I was at a concert with some friends. I had spent over two hours blow drying my hair, then brushing it out and straightening it with a flat iron.

When we first got there we stopped at the bathroom on our way to our seats.

I remember looking in the mirror and my jaw immediately dropped.
…the frizz was coming, I could see it.
All of my hard work wans being undone and the night hadn’t even started yet.
I was heartbroken.

I vowed, in that moment, to stop fighting my hair.
I stopped dyeing it, I stopped straightening it.


I wasn’t just doing this for me. I was doing this for US.

But first, I had to work on my curly routine. When I say curly routine, this is what I mean:

I had patterns, behaviors and beliefs around my hair that were not supportive to me. They were not helping me to create the results I wanted.

First and foremost, this included my products, which I felt were fully and completely responsible for my results on any given day, no matter how I used them. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have any idea, at the time, that how I used them mattered.

Or that I was using them different each and every time without even realizing it.

And I didn’t stop there.

To teach this, and teach this well, I had to take it much deeper.

Not only did I change the role products played in my routine and create new supportive beliefs around products, I began to understand the purpose of products. I taught myself a process for shifting into a more conscious state, learning and understanding what my hair feels like and how that feeling correlates with the results I desired.

After sharing this work with thousands of people I can tell you this: the exact steps and hand feel required to create results that you love are different for each of us, but the process is in line with this:

Inviting play in your routine, feeling more confident in your power and ability to impact the outcome no matter the product you choose, noticing the hair in front of you and seeing opportunities, discovering more flow and ease in your routine, creating the results you desire and experiencing a more personal relationship with your hair.

I’ve continued to increase my understanding of healthy hair and what it looks + feels like, regardless of hair type. Or the weather. Or whatever other factors we tend to blame.

And It Worked!

While I got results nearly immediately when I began to do this work, the way in which I respond to, relate to, and work with my hair only continues to expand and support me.

My results come easier and my hair looks better with each passing year.

Today, I own a global brand with clients and students in over 18 countries. I have the healthiest and most consistent hair of my life and I spend less on it than ever before. Less time and less money. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the biggest names in the curly hair world and have collaborated with the absolute best companies on the marketplace. Over 25,000 people now follow my journey on the interwebs.

Falling in love with my hair has allowed me to change the lives of thousands of women. I am now able to share my heart and teachings with the world on a large scale, and help women everywhere step into the happiest and most confident versions of themselves.

To be clear, twelve years ago my hair was ravished, frizzy, lifeless, and consistently unpredictable. Ten years ago I chose to begin to stop fighting it. And here we are.

Logan Spring, circa 2010
Logan Spring, circa 2020
Logan Spring, Circa 2022

I want to make something clear: While I have clearly been successful at healing my hair and increasing it’s curl pattern, what I am here to teach you isn’t about – or limited to – any specific hair type or curl pattern.

There are plenty of people with amazing hair that it is deeply damaged and dehydrated. There are a lot of people with some of the healthiest hair out there that worry about frizz, day in and day out. There are plenty of gorgeous people who follow all the “rules” who can’t seem to discover hair that they love.

That is true because having the healthiest hair of your life isn’t about following a blind set of rules. it’s about stepping into your power and trusting your instinct.

And what I am here to teach you will revolutionize your instinct.

I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course, my attorney would tell me that’s not at all how this works.

What I can tell you that the students in this course repeatedly rave about how the content helped them to finally fall in love with their hair, shift their beliefs about what it could do and how it could look, release their negative memories and associations with their hair, experience far less anxiety around their results and, yes, move into the experience of healing, re-growing, and creating more consistent results in their routine.

And supported them in doing what shouldn’t have been possible for them, but somehow, was.

Alumni have been consistently successful in designing curly routines that are more effortless, take less time, reduce unruly frizz, increase definition and overall improve the health of their hair all while having the best hair of their life


Jen Sabattis

I always knew that my hair had waves, but didn’t know how to manage them without just turning it into a frizz puff. My best hair days happened on a wash day when I roughly smooshed in gel and then let it air dry for hours. It was nothing if not unpredictable.

In November, I found Logan and When I joined the 2021 Process Over Products Challenge. I learned more and more about my hair and at the end of it, I wanted to go deeper. That’s when I decided to do the Fall in Love with Your Curls Mastermind.

The courses themselves are so detailed. I still don’t think I’ve watched all of them! And because the course is with a smaller group it really felt like I was getting help from not just Logan, but everyone else who was going through the same steps I was. I learned so much about how to work with my hair and how to tell what it needed.

Would recommend this to anyone new to the curly/wavy hair journey or anyone looking to dive deeper into understanding their hair.

Jenny Hartfield

I just wanted to say thank you to Logan. The Mastermind has been amazing! I had, hands down, my Best. Wash. Day. Ever. yesterday. I think it’s the culmination of lots of little tweaks and simply being more aware of the process… But regardless, I’m thankful.

She’s pretty much given me my road map for this curly adventure, and I’ve been thankful to learn how to better care for not only my hair, but my girls’ as well.

They offer a ton of resources in their free group, but this November I joined the Fall In Love With Your Curls Mastermind and it’s been a.m.a.z.i.n.g. So many light bulb moments about how to get consistent results with my hair.

After a lifetime of straight hair, going curly has definitely not been without its bumps, but I’m pretty excited to be seeing those “meh” hair days becoming fewer and fewer.

Lydia Dukaric

I neeeeever dreamed my hair would be what it is today.

I thought women whose curls were shiny and defined and frizz-free had just somehow appeased the curl gods, but since I discovered Fall In Love With Your Curls Mastermind, I’ve learned that healthy, strong, beautiful curls are absolutely attainable for me (and you!).

I’ve been thankful to find hair products that are healthier for me as a whole person, but I still wouldn’t have the curls I have today without Logan’s emphasis on *process over product*. The styling strategies she’s taught me are what now give me the confidence that I can give my hair exactly what it needs on any given day.

That, let me tell you, is the best feeling in the world!!

Laura Buchannen VanVoorst

Wait… What’s that you said? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair!

Today is day 26 in The Fall In Love With Your Curls Mastermind. I have spent the past month focusing on process, process, process and… HYDRATION and my curls have never looked better.

I am officially, thoroughly convinced that NO PRODUCT created this big hair! Let me repeat: NO PRODUCT created this volume and definition! I was able to create curls that I am proud of with my own two hands.

This challenge may be the best thing I’ve done so far on this journey! Thank you, Logan!

Frances Jorgensen

For anyone considering the Fall In Love With Your Curls Course, DO IT!

This experience has totally changed how I think of my hair and everything I do with my hair. I think all curlies know that how we think about our hair, and how we work with it, affects so much of the rest of our lives.

So very worth the minimal cost of this course! I can’t wait for the next one!

Julie Masella

When Logan offers a Mastermind – GET IN! They are so, so , SO valuable!

This is straight out of the pineapple! Well, after settling, it was wild when I took it down. I almost cried. It’s so good.

I recognize that my hair journey is just a trigger for underlying issues and that’s one of the things I really love about this Mastermind. Checking in with my hair every day (kind of obsessively) makes me check in with my Self. Encourages me to spend a few extra minutes caring for myself. For a girl who has always taken pride in being low maintenance and has a panache for putting others before herself (especially now that I’m a wife and mum), this is HUGE!

My hair has never been simpler, and she makes the process of learning how to love your hair so incredibly easy.

Cassi Cook

I thank god every time I wash/refresh/love my curls for this amazing Mastermind and it’s resources!

Learning that there is no magic product….unless you count water…that’s magic!

Process in your styling strategy is so important too! I never knew that flipping upside down would change everything! Take the time to learn the process that creates those effortless LOOKING curls, ladies! It’s soooo worth it!

Kaylene Carter

I had straight hair until I had kids and feel like I am learning to take care of my hair all over again. It’s been a frizz ball the last 7 years that I usually kept pulled back because it was so unruly when I tried to do my normal styling. I

I kept denying that I had any sort of curl in my hair because I never had before, but I’m pretty sure my hair and I are both happier now that I’ve accepted it. I’m so thankful for this Mastermind and how easy it made the process of learning how to embrace my curls!! I feel like I’m finally starting to figure things out.

Melissa Sutherland Perry

I just wanted to share my progress. I’ve been CGM for 5 months now. I was getting pretty frustrated and ready to quit when I found Logan and started the Mastermind! 

Since then I’ve switched up my PROCESS and have not change any of the products that I use at all. Today is by far the best results I’ve EVER had!  

I was beginning to think I had reached the peak of my personal curliness by following CGM but this is next level!

  • Identify and shift any and all patterns, ideas, and unhelpful stories that are standing in the way of you and the best hair of your entire life.
  • Expand you understanding of what your hair needs based on what you are seeing and feeling in your hands when re-setting in the shower.
  • Integrate my process for saturating, filling, sealing and drying the hair in a way that is hyper focused on hydration and helping the hair to accept and retain water.
  • Become willing to forgive and release the conventional ideas that are keeping you dependent on product that keep you fighting with your hair day in and day out.
  • Understand the power that you bring to the table when it comes to your hair, and step into it with more confidence than ever.
  • Own that it is meaningful for yourself, along with everyone around you, to feel confident and sexy when you look in the mirror. Your energy is contagious and it will change lives.
  • Integrate trust, ease and rhythm into your morning routine. Allow hair that you love to come naturally and more easily than ever before.

Fall In Love With Your Curls Summaries: Each training module has been broken down for you, step y step, in writing.! If you learn by reading instead of watching, have an auditory disability or are hard of hearing, or you just like to follow along with the video or audio, I’ve got your back!

Diagrams, Progression Photos and Video Demos: Each training module comes with a series of helpful bonus components that visually demonstrate the goals, styling strategies and more complex ideas and topics discussed during that week.

Affirmations, truly transformational homework, short method demonstrations, progression photos along with countless tools, lessons, principles, and ah-has included with each module and bonus video.

Lifetime Access to all 8 modules, the bonus content including the Hydration Series, The Wash Day Cycle Series and every single post from the Process over Products Challenge along with all future updates I make to this course in the future.

This course is filled with some of the best videos I have ever created including 16 video stand alone demonstration and trainings plus:

The Hydration Series: a 5 video series focused on ditching product dependency and healing your hair with a focus on hydration and helping that hair accept and retain water.

The Wash Day Cycle Series: a 3 video series demonstrating the role of dynamic porosity and short term build-up on your hair and how you can use it to help your hair trap and hold hydration over the course of your wash day cycle

The Process Over Products Challenge: a 30 day challenge that helps you realize the true power of the motions you make with your hands while washing, conditioning and styling your hair. This challenge goes perfectly with the contents of this course.

These three bonuses are delivered to you free of charge, as a member of this course. They are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing, powerful energy, and fresh perspective around curly hair. These bonuses are valued at over $1,000.

If you already have paid for any of these bonuses, you should have received a coupon code you can use toward your enrollment in this course. If you need help locating it, please email support@consciouslycurly.com

Pay In Full Bonus!

Create an intentional moment with this one of a kind guide to understanding the language of the curly hair world.

Complete with full and complete definitions for over 65+ curly hair styling strategies, along with an introduction to the Consciously Curly Method, my five step process for ditching convention and getting started discovering hair you are madly in love with a full month of process trackers so you can stay on top of what’s happening with your hair and start connecting dots.

*** This booklet is a gift from me for the first 20 people to select the Pay-in-Full option upon checkout for either the Fall In Love With Your Curls Course or the Mastermind Upgrade. This includes PayPal’s PayLater option. (The rest of the bonuses + all course content is for everyone no matter the payment option you choose.)

Katy Walls

At the age of 50, I love my hair for the first time in my life thanks to Logan and the Mastermind!

About a year before I found the Consciously Curly Facebook group, I realized my broken frizzy hair was actually wavy and started following a modified curly girl method to encourage my natural hair pattern. I kept trying to find the perfect product to give me consistent results.

Once I started following Logan’s methods, I figured out the path to healthy hair is more about HOW I wash and apply products than the particular products I choose. I’ve learned the skills to create soft, silky waves without a super long process or a million products.

Cassidy Jensen

After two years of following Logan online I felt like I had a pretty decent understanding of how to get the most our of my waves, but I decided to sing up for in the Fall In Love With Your Curls course just in case and I am so happy I did. It 100% took everything up to the next level. I never really understood what my hair needs and why until I took this mastermind with Lo. Through this course and the personal attention of the mastermind I finally mastered hand feel and learned how to have a good hair day on any given day. I have never loved my hair this much in my entire life. Well worth every penny.

Isabel Strelzik

Working with Logan month after month while taking the Fall In Love With Your Curls Course was wonderful! She saw potential in my waves that I never would seen AND helped me get there! Since this experience my hair is *much* more consistent, my routine is simpler, and I worry less about when the “good hair days” will come. They feel so much more effortless.. I highly recommend her courses and one-on-one work as well. Every time I invest with her, it changes the game!

November 2021
March 2022

Caryl Castro

I started following Logan’s group about 1 1/2 years ago and participated on several of her challenges before signing up for The Fall in Love with Your Curls class last winter. My hair had come a long way but wanted to see what I could do to decrease frizz and encourage volume. I was shocked the attention to hydration really helped and that I wasn’t doing it properly. She genuinely cares about each of her clients and gives tips to help them. You will learn a lot if you take a class with Logan. I wish I had taking a class earlier in my journey.

What’s up beautiful! I’m Logan Spring

But, my friends call me Lo! I am a blogger, course creator, avid environmentalist and curly hair queen. My job is simple: to awaken your consciousness, help you step away from mass consumption and embrace a more simple and sustainable style of life.

I want to tell you a little about my journey with my hair.

I didn’t grow up with hair like this, and there was a long period of my life where I just plain thought I was just destined to be ugly. My hair was a constant frizzy, tangled and matted mess. I grew up feeling sorry for me.

My relationship with myself was non existent and I believed I would feel this way for the rest of my life.

I had a lot of work do to.

I had to really look at and evaluate what I was taught about my hair and taught about myself. At one point I had a feeling that maybe it wasn’t me, it was what I was doing, and my thoughts and approach and intention when it came to my hair was all backwards.

As I did the work, I began to see what was possible. I developed higher expectations for my hair and how I felt about myself. I got clear about was wasn’t working for me and I stopped fighting what my hair was destined to be and in doing so I saw possibilities. I had to create a whole new way of approaching and interacting with my hair and I had to give myself a new role in my results on any given day.

Over the years, I developed an 8 step process to the curly routine that works for everyone. Regardless of hair type or approach, these strategies will serve you.

It is my intention to shift the power dynamics of the world by increasing the number of women that fucking love themselves when they look in this mirror. I dream of helping every woman I meet feel completely and genuinely beautiful in her own skin…in the hair she was born with. 

I am here to help good women in this world feel their best, and do their best.

I don’t take this work lightly.

Module 1: Saturation

At the start of your shower everything that you do to you hair, from the products you choose to the styling strategies your use, are done with one goal in mind: to fully and completely saturate your hair. Learn my process for saturating your hair deeper than ever before and understand why it is the most important objective you will master on your entire journey.

Module 2: Softening

You know that feeling when you use conditioner and it brings this level of softness and smoothness you never thought possible? In this module I show you how to create this hand feel without depending on product. Let me help you learn how to test test the hydration level in your hair and deep dive into the science of conditioner so you know how it works and can start using it intentionally to accomplish your goals.

Module 3: Creating Space

When my hair fights me no matter what I know it’s time to create an avenue for water to enter the hair shaft. In this module I want to show you how to deal with hair that is constantly fighting you. Hair that doesn’t soften or smooth out in the way you know is possible for you.

Module 4: Detoxing

Let’s be clear about one thing: It all builds up. Product, hard water minerals, heavy metals, environmental toxins. All of it. In this module I introduce the idea of the Detox Sequence, a strategy I use to safely target and effectively remove build-up from the hair while causing the least amount of damage humanly possible. More Importantly, I’ll show you how to approach these detoxes to get the most out of your treatments and avoid overly damaging the hair in the process.

Module 5: Shape & Freeze

Despite what you’ve been lead to believe, the styling piece of this puzzle is rather small. Most of our styling has already been done through saturation. Now all we’ve got to do is use styling products to lock in the curls we’ve created. In this module I introduce the idea of encouraging and elongating you hair to achieve different goals and introduce various styling strategies which you can use to lock in moisture and create longevity in your curly hair style.

Module 6: The Perfect Set

What the hair is still wet, it is incredible fragile and all the work we’ve put in up to this point can be easily undone. In this module I show you how to take your hair from a soaking wet style to a flawless finished look along with strategies for transitioning from upside down to right side up and helping the hair settle into perfect place.

Module 7: Protect

Most curly women that I meet have one goal in common: to help their curly hair styles last longer. The art of protecting my curls is one I have been studying relentlessly over the past 3 years. In this module I show you what I’ve learned about increasing the longevity of your curly hair style.

Module 7: Refreshing Your Look

In this series of videos I show you dozens of refresh strategies including the wet refresh, finger coil, shingling, and glazing damp refreshes and how to use just water and even strategies for using no water at all! I also share my recipes for a DIY refresh mist and so much more!

The best part about the Fall In Love With Your Curls course is that it grows and evolves with you.

As I continue to grow and develop in my own relationships with my hair — from detoxing, refreshing, protecting, and discovering more about hand feel, etc. — I add content.

And since you have all content and updates for life, it only continues to serve and grow with current students and alumni.

Patti Parnell

The beauty of working with Logan is that she is always growing in her knowledge and freely shares what she has learned in her courses and masterminds. Her masterclass was truly wonderful and gave me a deeper understanding of how to create a simple styling routine plus and gave me a lot more in-depth, one-on-one support. Teaching is clearly Logan’s calling.

The beginning of my curly journey was such a learning process and there were days I wanted to just give up. I want to leave you with a few of my main take away to from working with Logan, to encourage you to hang in there when you feel the same.

Be patient in the learning process. There is such a learning process and your hair will go into shock before consistency. process over product is key.

Water is the best hair product and brings life to your hair. Learn all you can about hydration.

Learn to love your hair and stop comparing.  My hair is wavy not curly, and I truly found I had to take what I was learning and play with it to find what works for me.

Finally, working with low did way more than just help me with my curls. It helped me love myself and have a much deeper appreciate for the environment and my families impact. I am glad to be on this journey with her.

Katie Hubbard

I have been battling my hair for as long as I can remember and since starting to follow the Curly Girl Method have been deeply discouraged by the frequent bad hair days, money wasted on hair products and the nagging question, “Why does this have to be so hard?”

If only I could find a coach and a community for support. And there it was – The Fall in Love with Your Curls Mastermind!

It was a no brainer for me. I had worked with Lo in one-on-one consultations already and the idea of having her entire process spelled out for me, with life time access was highly appealing.

My curls (and my attitude about them) are improving and guess what? It’s not hard! It’s actually pretty simple and my hair has never looked better!!

This course is held completely online.

There are eight ~1 hour long training modules. You receive instant access to over 16 hours worth of bonus content and the first training module 7 days after enrollment and receive access to each progressive module every 7 days there after.

You have completely unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this course.

(Meaning, anything I add to this course in the future, is automatically yours.)

Alumni tell me that they love to listen to this course again and again.

You will receive access to all of the Bonuses immediately upon enrollment.

If you have any questions email support@consciouslycurly.com

Nikki King

The first picture was a solid 4 years ago when I was graduating nursing school and thought I was following the cgm. Those poor curls are lacking so much, little did I know. The second picture is from today when my mom and I went to a sunflower festival.

Since working with Lo I am seeing so much more progress than anything else I have tried especially with the focus on water. I still am playing with application and feel like I change it up every singe time, but it’s still progress. Huge shoutout to Lo and Consciously Curly for giving all her advice and videos to walk us through all this mess and changing the mindset. Her courses are a complete game changer.

Upgrade your experience with the Mastermind!
The mastermind is your opportunity to work directly with Lo to customize the methods, strategies and ideas taught in the course to you, your hair and your lifestyle. Get six months worth of homework reviews, private consultations, group trainings, round robin coaching calls and SO much more!

Facebook Course Community Group: 24/7 support, wisdom, love and ability to ask me questions inside of the Consciously Curly Mastermind Facebook Group.

Monthly Trainings. Receive an exclusive invitation to monthly LIVE trainings, the topics of which will based on your homework assignments and group feedback, meaning YOU get to choose the topics we dive into further each month!

Homework Review. Get direct feedback from Lo on every single homework assignment for every single module of every single course you take with Lo, along with any other questions that you have over the duration of this 6 month mastermind.

One-on-One Consultations. Once a month you will have the ability to book a Standard Curly Consultation with me, where we can take the learnings from the course and customize them to you, your hair and your lifestyle

Group Coaching. Once a month we will meet on Zoom to talk through any questions you have, together, in a round robin style Q&A call with all ofthe members of the mastermind!

The mastermind, trainings, consultations and group calls, if purchased individually are worth over $1,800. But that’s not what you’ll pay! Reveal the incredible discount you will receive when you bundle this upgrade with the Fall In Love With Your Curls Course below.

There are only 10 spaces available for the 2022 Fall In love With Your Curls Mastermind.

Leslie Everett

I’m not normally one to come out of the shadows and share, but my hair has improved SO much since taking Logan’s curly hair masterclass.

First pic is July 1, when I began her course. Second is now. It has only been 4 weeks. Such a difference. I’m always learning new things but happy with how far it has come!

  • What if my hair isn’t that curly? Is this course still for me?

Absolutely, one thousand percent. Here’s the thing: the concepts we cover in the The Fall In Love With Your Curls Mastermind work for anyone looking to embrace their natural hair, the hair they were born with. Many people with straighter hair have implemented these concepts with huge success.

  • I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course right away?

It is one hundred percent up to you when you start. You have all contents and updates for life, both in the Facebook Group and the Member’s Area of our website. You can take the course completely at your own pace and however feels good to you.

  • What can I expect from this course?

A simple, 8 step approach to your curly routine along with inspired, elevated content inside of a transformational container of love, growth and healing. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Affirmations. Thought provoking, hands-on homework assignments. Teachings with practical and energetic steps laid out for you. Progress. Movement in the direction of the best hair of your entire life.

  • How is this different from your group?

The Curly Connection community is, no joke, my favorite place on the interwebs. I have poured my heart and soul into my trainings and content there. But, it is a bit scattered, and my content over the years has become more and more difficult to locate and learn from. This course is where I put it all together. One single space for you to find every single thing I know about discovering the healthiest and more consistent hair of your life.

  • If I have already taken the course and just want to be part of this Mastermind, is that possible?

GREAT QUESTION! There is a discount code available to those of your who have taken this course already but want the participate in the six month mastermind experience and work with me more closely at a highly discounted rate.

Please email support@consciouslycurly.com if you cannot find that coupon code in your inbox.

  • Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click to order.

  • How does the course work?

You will gain immediate access to the over 26 hours worth of bonuses for this course immediately upon enrolling in this course so that You can dive right into some of the best content I have ever created.

You will gain access to Module 1 seven days after enrollment, and each subsequent module every seven days thereafter so that you have at least a full wash day cycle to implement the strategies and methods introduced in each module, and complete the homework assignment thoroughly before you move on.

  • How does the Mastermind work?

You will gain immediate access to our private Facebook Group on the day you enroll.

The groups is a space for everyone in the Mastermind to get to know and guide each other. I will be creating our monthly training, posting polls to learn more about what topics the group wants to deep dive into most, and sharing reminders to book your monthly consultations, in this space. Many members choose to post homework assignments from the course along with any questions they have to get direct feedback from me and the community.

This space is also an excellent place to track your journey and makes it incredibly easy to look back on how far you’ve come.

It is one hundred percent up to you when you start. You have all contents and updates for life, both in the Facebook Group and the Member’s Area of our website. You can take the course completely at your own pace and however feels good to you.

  • Can you guarantee specific results

I love this course and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real, live people who did the work and got some really incredible results. According to my attorney, I need to say this to you: I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for everyone who takes this course. Your success with depend on your effort, hard work and commitment to consciousness.

  • What is your refund policy?

I do not believe that you are going to want one… you were led to it and trusted yourself to enroll, but I understand how the option to request one makes signing up a little easier. So here is the deal: Come hang out with us for two days and get a feel for my style and how the course works. If it’s not right for you, send an email to support@consciouslycurly.com within 48 hours and I will send you a refund no questions asked.

Enrollment for this course is open!

Use the button below to enroll in this course and receive lifetime access to the the full 8 modules of the course, full summaries, video demonstrations, transformative homework assignments + over 26 hours worth of bonuses.

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Do this for you. Do this for the people around you who love you and want to see you love yourself, too. Do this on purpose.

Refund Exception: 
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Disclaimer: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The success stories on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through this program and got incredible results. According to my attorney, I need to make sure I always say this to you: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

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