Process Tracker

That feeling where your hair is so bad you just want to give up on it.
Cut it all off, shove it under an hat and forget about it.

Every single woman in our curly community can relate to that moment with her whole damn heart. I have heard that story literally thousands of times.

This curly hair thing is a lot, and I’d like to formally invite you to take a deep breath.

This is not a race for who changes the most about their routine the fastest, and it for sure isn’t about who gets the best results first.

What it is, is an experiment of what your hair can do.
And undeniably a test of your patience as well.

Or do something and not write it down.

Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ve learned a lot from all of the curly hair course that I’ve taken and experts that I’ve worked with, but there is nothing in the world that has helped me understand my hair more than taking just a few minutes per week to sit down and write about my hair and what I’m noticing.

This journey is not about getting it right, it’s about getting your hands dirty, trying new things, and tracking what happens.

Pick an idea, a strategy or a product to play with and give it a shot.

Start noticing. Make notes. Pay attention to how your hair feels, how you apply products and what order you do it all in. Take photos. Then write it down.

I know not everyone wants to share their journey by making posts on social media, the way I did, so I created both a printable and digital way for you to keep track of what’s happening.

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